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If you quiz an experienced house cleaner or a facility manager about the gadgets and tools they use to go by their job, vacuum cleaners are bound to pop up in the conversation as topping this list of gadgets. The fact that these slick devices can reach the most remote corners of facilities such as […]

Opt For Efficient And Affordable Kirby Vacuum Repair In Northern Virginia 0

A dysfunctional vacuum cleaner is a major cause of concern as it hinders the process of keeping a space clean and dirt free. Given the high cost of repair charged by most stores offering such services, vacuum users tend to try and repair their appliance on their own. However, many times, this can lead to […]
Vacuum Store And Repair Fairfax

Vacuum Store And Repair Fairfax 0

Rated among the top 25 places to live well, Fairfax no doubt has high standards of living. Our RED Vacuums Store meets that standard. 


At RED Vacuums, we stick by our motto: “After the Sale, It’s Service That Counts". Come by our store today and experience one of a kind service by our highly experienced staff. RED means Reliable, Efficient and Dependable Vacuums which come with great customer service.

Vacuum Cleaner Store Near Fairfax

Vacuum Cleaner Store Near Fairfax 0

Buying a vacuum cleaner is often considered a simple job. That is until you set out to do it. Given the vast variety of cleaners available in the market today, finding the right one to suit your needs is not exactly easy. But with a reliable vacuum cleaner store near Fairfax Virginia, such as RED Vacuums, even this confusing task can be made easy for you. This is because the store located in Vienna, at distance of just around 5 miles from Fairfax, offers all high quality and latest models of vacuum cleaners from renowned brands including Miele, Riccar, Sebo, Maytag and more.
How To Keep My Vacuum Cleaner Efficient And Long-Lasting?

How To Keep My Vacuum Cleaner Efficient And Long-Lasting? 0

How often do you think about your vacuum cleaner while you’re so busy in your daily life? Your answer is probably “Not too often…”When cleaning your home, you want your vacuum cleaner to be easy to use, to pick up all the stubborn dirt and make your job easier, faster and more effective. I hear this all the time from my customers! That’s why I believe this topic is worth discussing regarding the frequency a vacuum cleaner should be maintained so that it lasts a very long time and is always working at its best. Like any other machinery (a car, a sewing machine, etc.) a vacuum cleaner needs some maintenance, too.
Selecting A Dependable Vacuum Repair Shop – Things Users Need To Be Aware Of

Selecting A Dependable Vacuum Repair Shop – Things Users Need To Be Aware Of 0

One of the most important appliances that people use in their homes today is the vacuum cleaner. It helps in not only efficiently removing the dirt and the dust that gets accumulated in the home on a daily basis, but also helps to make the environment within the home free from allergens and other pollutants.  However, the significance of this device is generally not felt until it develops some problem that hamper the everyday home cleaning tasks. While some such issues might be simple enough to be handled by the users themselves, other might need...