Vacuum Cleaner Store Near Fairfax

Vacuum Cleaner Store Near Fairfax

Buying a vacuum cleaner is often considered a simple job. That is until you set out to do it. Given the vast variety of cleaners available in the market today, finding the right one to suit your needs is not exactly easy. But with a reliable vacuum cleaner store near Fairfax Virginia, such as RED Vacuums, even this confusing task can be made easy for you. This is because the store located in Vienna, at distance of just around 5 miles from Fairfax, offers all high quality and latest models of vacuum cleaners from renowned brands including Miele, Riccar, Sebo, Maytag and more.

However, in order to get the perfect appliance to suit your needs you need to have some basic information about the different types of cleaners that you can choose from.  There are mainly following five main types of vacuum cleaners based on their style of operation.

Canister: These are the most common types of vacuum cleaners, used for both residential and commercial purposes. They consist of a long wand attached to a canister with the help of a flexible hose. RED Vacuums offers a wide range of canister vacuum cleaners from renowned brands.

Upright: These vacuum cleaners are named so because of their ability to operate in a standing position. They are perfect for use in carpeted areas as they come with flexible attachments and hoses for better cleaning. You can choose upright vacuums from Riccar and various other brands at RED Vacuums retail or online store.

Handheld: These compact and portable vacuum cleaners are generally designed for cleaning small and hard to reach areas. They come in both corded and cordless styles and are generally considerably cheaper than the regular vacuum cleaners. You can find a wide range of handheld vacuum cleaners in both styles at RED Vacuums.

Robotic: These innovative vacuum cleaners are designed to operate with minimal human assistance. They generally operate automatically after the cleaning instructions have been provided through a computerized console or a remote control. RED Vacuums is one of the few stores in Northern Virginia to offer these latest high quality cleaners in their store.

Stick Vacuums: These sleek cleaners are also known as electric brooms and are a variation of upright vacuum cleaners. You can purchase from RED Vacuums different types of these extremely lightweight cleaners that feature a long wand or stick attached to the cleaning head.

Visit RED Vacuums store or call them at 703-255-3500, to gain in-depth knowledge about the various models and types of vacuum cleaners offered by them. 

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