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If you quiz an experienced house cleaner or a facility manager about the gadgets and tools they use to go by their job, vacuum cleaners are bound to pop up in the conversation as topping this list of gadgets. The fact that these slick devices can reach the most remote corners of facilities such as houses and offices and keep them clean, is what is behind this immense popularity. No wonder a host of offices and homes across the length of Fairfax make use of vacuum cleaners of various kinds for their cleaning needs. MayTag is a preferred brand in vacuum cleaners, and has many customers using these today. If you own  a MayTag vacuum cleaner  , which is in need for a full blown service or even some quick fine tuning , then Red Vacuum is where you should be heading now for your MAYTAG vacuum repair needs.

MAYTAG M500 Upright Vacuum
MAYTAG M500 Upright Vacuum

Apart from providing vacuum cleaner servicing, Red vacuum is a vacuum cleaner dealer specializing in vacuum repair Fairfax, VA, with an impressive inventory, including the following

  • MYTAG M500
  • MAYTAD M1200
  • MAYTAG M700 Upright Vacuum

In addition to these vacuum cleaner models which are up for sale, Red Vacuum is also the authorized brand dealer in spares for MAYTAG, and stocks the following in its inventory for purchase.

  • M500/M700/M1200 HEPA VACUUM BAGS
MAYTAG - M700 Upright Vacuum
MAYTAG – M700 Upright Vacuum

The full service offering from Red Vacuum is a complete overall routine for your vacuum cleaner. The full service begins with an inspection of the modules within the machine and a free advice from the vacuum experts on the team. An enrollment into full service for your cleaner has the following advantages:

  • A full-fledged inspection of constituting parts such as cord reels and hooks, bag chamber and other air flow components, electrical parts, locomotive parts such as motors and gears etc.
  • Full replacement of vacuum cleaner components like carbon brushes, pre-motor filter, belts, bags, light bulbs etc.

The full service also includes a one full year warranty on all the above mentioned, replaced parts and the labor service.

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