Dyson V6 - The Best Stick Vacuum In The Market

Dyson V6 - The Best Stick Vacuum In The Market

“Why can’t the house clean itself, it seems to get dirty by itself.”

Well! We know for sure, self cleaning is not the option for your lovely home which obviously seems to get messy all by itself. So what is the easiest way to make your home sweet home spotless in no time? I have for you, the new Dyson V6 which may look like a more stylish version of the older models, but trust me it’s not the enhanced beauty I am talking about here. If anything is good to look at, it is always a bonus right?

The new Dyson V6 is way better than its earlier models. It has all the features and even extras that you could expect from any Dyson cordless. These are lightweight vacuum cleaners. The center of gravity is towards the grip that ensures easy cleaning from floor to ceiling, kind of like 360 degrees cleaning.

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The suction power generated by a digital motor puts a Dyson in an elite class. The two tier arrangement of 15 cyclones in your dyson vacuum increase the airflow and capture the finest of the dust particles.

After having said all this, what exactly makes a Dyson standout? Well! The answer has to be its direct-drive cleaner head that is capable of providing 75% more brush bar power resulting in better performance than many standard uprights.

So what kind of floors, it is suitable for? The answer is all types. For carpets, its stiff nylon bristles drive deep into the pile, removing the dirt that other vacuum cleaners would fail to reach. For hardwood floors, there are soft carbon fibers filaments that are capable of picking up fine dirt which many others tend to leave behind.

Last but not the least, which Dyson V6 to go for? Well! Here is the answer:

If you need a simple cordless stick vacuum cleaner leveraging the cleaning performance of a direct drive cleaner head, then Dyson V6 Motorhead is your go to device. It would meet all your typical cleaning needs with a crevice tool and a dusting brush.

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If you are a pet person, then Dyson V6 Animal has to be the ultimate choice. It contains all the basic tools plus a mini motorized tool which is especially designed for cleaning pet hair, stairs, upholstery and other small and tight spaces.

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If you want HEPA filtration or need to protect your delicate hardwood floor, then Dyson V6 Absolute has to be the one. It is “I can do it all” type of device which comes with a mini motorized head that comes with the V6 Animal, as well as its new Fluffy soft head cleaner that is designed especially for hardwood floors.

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