Busting The Truth Of Some Surprising House Cleaning Myths

Busting The Truth Of Some Surprising House Cleaning Myths

Modern day appliances such as vacuum cleaners and air purifiers have simplified the task of everyday house cleaning considerably. At the same time they have also led to the creation of some beliefs, which if followed can ruin the efficiency of cleaning. Given below are some of these surprising house cleaning myths and the truth behind them, to help users ensure that their homes are perfectly clean and hygienic.

Absence Of Visible Dirt Means A Clean Home

This is perhaps the biggest house cleaning myth that most people believe even today. However, the absence of dirt might mean that the pollutants might be present in the air within the house rather than having settled down on the surfaces. In fact most people inhale highly contaminated air within their homes, without being actually aware of the fact. The best solution to ensure a healthy and hygienic life is by getting a good quality air purifier that can actually remove the multitude of pollutants present in the air which however are invisible to the eyes.

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Vacuuming Reduces The Life Of Carpets

While this might have been true for earlier vacuums, most modern day appliances are designed keeping the delicate design of the carpets in mind. As such these appliances remove the dust and debris from these surfaces in a gentle manner, so as not to cause any damage to the carpets while cleaning them. In fact, with regular vacuuming can actually help in enhancing the life of the carpets by keeping them completely free from dirt and dust that can damage the fabric and threads.

Using Air Purifiers Eliminates The Need For Regular Dusting

Many people tend to believe that using an air purifier will automatically suck up dust form all surfaces and thus eliminate the need for dusting. However, this is completely incorrect as the air purifiers are designed to remove only the dust particles present in the air passing through them. While a good vacuum cleaner can suck up the dust present on most surfaces, an air purifier will ensure that a majority of dust particles present in the air are trapped inside the appliance leaving the environment clean and hygienic.

All Air Purifiers Can Remove Viruses, Germs And Odors

This is a myth resulting from the claims made by various air purifier manufacturing companies about the ability of their appliances to remove either odors or viruses. However, only a few latest air purifiers are capable of removing smells, microbes and other pollutants present in the air thanks to their unique and innovative filtration systems. In most cases, even air purifiers with best HEPA filtration systems are incapable of trapping smoke and odor along with the dust and other pollutants. One such purifier offering this feature is the HealthPro Plus from IQ Air, which uses the HyperHEPA technology to trap all types of pollutants, microbes and odor.

Household Dust Is Harmful Only For People With Allergies

This is a common misconception that people have primarily because only people with allergies tend to show an immediate reaction to dust and pollution present in their environment. However, regular exposure to dust and contaminated air can make even the healthiest of people ill over a period of time. That is why it is important to use not only a good quality vacuum cleaner to keep the house free from dirt and dust but also an efficient and high performing air purifier that can remove the various pollutants from the air to leave it refreshingly clean.

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Using Good Quality Air Purifiers Can Help Cure Allergies

Believing this myth has led to the allergies of many people turning from bad to worse. It is important for users to understand that air purifiers are nothing more than a part of the allergy control program and should not be considered a cure. They can only help in providing a regular supply of clean air that is free from the allergy causing pollutants. In order to keep their allergies well under control, it is important for the patients to strictly adhere to the advice of their doctor and keep taking their medication regularly, in addition to using their air purifier. This will surely improve their condition and reduce the frequency of attacks by a significant margin, enabling them to lead an almost normal and healthy life.

Nothing Works As Well For Removing Dirt And Dust As Broom And Mop

Nothing can be farther from the truth than this myth as these traditional methods of cleaning only help to remove the dust from the surface and distribute it into the environment. So, essentially while using a broom and mop can help to remove the dirt and some minor stains, it will not actually help in creating a clean and healthy environment. That is why most people today are opting for good quality vacuum cleaners and latest air purifiers which not only simplify the task of cleaning the house thoroughly but also keeping the environment clean and free from any contaminants.

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