Dyson V6 Absolute Or V6 Motorhead – Which Vacuum Is The Best And Why

Dyson V6 Absolute Or V6 Motorhead – Which Vacuum Is The Best And Why

Dyson is one of the top vacuum cleaning brands known for offering high performance appliances that also are quite good looking. The brand offers a wide range of models to meet the varying cleaning needs of its customers. Two such models namely Dyson V6 Motorhead and V6 Absolute have individually become quite popular among users seeking an efficient and convenient cleaning device.

However, when it comes to choosing the best appliance among these two models, most users tend to feel extremely perplexed. This is because even though the two models belong to the same series and hence have numerous similarities, they also differ in many ways. Given below is a comparison of the two models to help the users to select the best one as per their specific cleaning needs.

Looks :  In terms of looks and appearance, both these models of Dyson vacuums are astoundingly similar. They are both stick type cordless vacuums and differ only minutely in their weight, with the Absolute model being just slightly heavier. The only major difference in looks of both these models is in their color combination. While the V6 Motorhead has a color combination of pink and purple, the V6 Absolute features a color combination of bright red and blue.

Features And Functionality : Both these Dyson vacuums are designed to offer optimal cleaning performance across different types of floors and surfaces. They both come with fitted with a powerful V6 digital motor that produces enough suction for cordless performance. They also come fitted with the unique Cyclone technology, HEPA filtration system and have a bin capacity of 0.11 gallons. However, the V6 Absolute is provided with the additional features of 2 cleaner heads - 1 each for carpets and hardwood floors and post motor HEPA filtrations system. These help in enhancing the performance of the Dyson V6 Absolute significantly, especially in terms of trapping allergens.

Tools and Accessories :  Like other models of vacuum cleaners offered by the brand, the Dyson V6 Absolute and V6 Motorhead, each are provided with as set of onboard tools and accessories to enhance their cleaning efficiency and flexibility. While a majority of these tools and accessories are common in both the appliances, the Absolute model is provided with two additional tools which are not present in the Motorhead variant. These include the mini motorized tool and mini soft dusting brush which help in cleaning the delicate surfaces in a damage free manner.

Cost :  From the above discussion it is quite clear that V6 Absolute offers better cleaning performance thanks to the additional features and tools that it has been provided with. As such it is not surprising that this variant from Dyson is priced higher than the Motothead model. The exact difference in cost between the two models is $200, which can be quite a big amount for people with the most basic cleaning needs. However, for users seeking optimum cleaning efficiency especially in terms of removing allergens and pet dander etc, paying an extra $200 might not be a big deal.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to usability, both these variants of vacuum cleaners from Dyson are a perfect choice for ultimate cordless cleaning in a highly convenient manner. However, the V6 Absolute is the best choice for users seeking a pet-oriented appliance with greater focus on filtration and accessories. On the other hand the V6 Motorhead is a preferred choice of people seeking a lightweight, reliable and cost effective stick cleaner and do not feel the need for extra and brushes.

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