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Dyson Vacuums: What Makes It So Practical? 0

Are you fed up with your old vacuum cleaner that regularly gets blocked and doesn’t pick half of the dust from your carpet? If you need a product that will do the job properly a Dyson vacuum cleaner might be the right thing for you. Find out what are the advantages of Dyson over other […]

Know The Various Dyson Vacuum Parts Including The Filter 0

Dyson Vacuum is a reputed and trusted in the field of Vacuum Cleaning. It is one of the best vacuums available for buyers. Vacuum cleaning makes life pretty simple and therefore is extensively used in residential and commercial buildings. But what if the parts stop working? We need to know the Dyson vacuum parts that […]

The New Dyson Digital Slim DC44 – Forget the Conventional Vacuum Cleaner 0

Dyson has engineered a new way to clean. The Dyson Digital Slim™ is a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner, engineered for nimble, high performance cleaning. Dyson engineers used Archimedes’ simple, but brilliant lever principle to perfect the configuration of the machine – giving it perfect poise in the hand. Power in the grip and balance in […]

DC65: 25% More Brushbar Power 0

Effective dust pick-up across floor types relies on two things: a powerful brush bar to agitate and loosen dust and dirt, and powerful suction that pulls it away. The newly configured brushbar on DC65 has 25% more power to dig up dirt from carpet, while 12 highly efficient cyclones spin it out and into the […]

DC65: Why the Ball is Better 0

Dyson’s Head of Product Innovation, Stephen Courtney, deconstructs Ball technology from an early prototype to the current design to show how only the Dyson Ball can turn on a dime. Dial On : 703-255-3500 Mail Us : Pin It : Like Us : Tweet Us :

Dyson DC65 Promotion 2014 0

Save up to $100 on Dyson technology.* May 25 – June 14. Dial On : 703-255-3500 Mail Us : Pin It : Like Us : Tweet Us :