The Next Generation Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The Next Generation Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The days are long gone when sweeping and dusting were major household chores. Vacuum cleaners were invented decades ago; they helped to make cleaning efficient, easy and comfortable. Cleaning can indeed be a tiring and time consuming job; especially if the wrong tool is being used for the task. No matter how hard you scrub that coffee stain with strong detergent and water, you know it can fade away within minutes if it’s soaked in a stain remover solution.

Similarly vacuum cleaning can become a lot more helpful by using the right tool for the job you are working on. With the advancement of technology vacuum cleaners are now being equipped with special brushes and nozzles that are used for specific purposes.

Canister or cylinder vacuum cleaners provide professional cleaning options that suit variety of floor types. The entire ranges of Canister Vacuum Cleaners are lightweight and capable of cleaning tight spaces such as under the bed and sofas. They are your perfect companion for cleaning different floor types, namely carpets, hardwood floors and even tiles. There are three major categories of Canister Vacuum Cleaners.

Straight Suction Canisters

These vacuum cleaners contain a hard floor brush along with a rug and floor tool. The hard floor brush is flat with small wheels and bristles around the base. Its bristles can be made from different materials; however the best quality brushes contain boar or horse hair. They are known to dust and polish the floor while vacuuming. This brush best suits wood, tile and laminate flooring. The rug and floor tool is a flat floor brush that is ideal for hard floors, area rugs and flat carpeting. It normally comprises of a set of velveteen strips that remove hair and lint by suction alone. It is known for its simple, lightweight and gentle cleaning.

Turbo Nozzle Canisters

This tool contains a rotating brush for carpets. The turbo brush induces a forceful action which helps loosen dirt from carpet fibers; it can be easily pushed on large areas of carpet. This brush should not be used on dense carpets, as it might slow down or halt completely. Turbo brushes come in handy for flat or looped carpets. It is light on the pocket as compared to a motorized brush and easier to push than a rug and floor tool.

Power Nozzle Canisters

It comprises of a rotating brush that has a small motor within the brush nozzle. Brush rolls come in different varieties from extra soft bristles for luxurious woolen carpets to tough and sturdy nylon bristles used for thick plush pile synthetic carpets. The power or motor brush helps provide a strong force to loosen dirt effectively from carpet fibers and restore the pile as they clean. This tool is great for standard or thick pile carpets and even hard to remove pet hair. It provides deep cleaning along with carpet pile restoration. This brush should not be used on a light carpet as it might lead to premature wear or severe carpet damage.

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