Miele Vacuum Bags

Miele Vacuum Bags

Modern technology has led to the invention of bag-less vacuum cleaners but the question is are they really worth it. Sure, they do sound amazing since who loves to take out a dirty bag full of filth every once a while but don’t give up just yet, bag-less vacuums come with their advantages too.

A bagged vacuum cleaner is more hygienic, as you are aware all the dirt is collected within the bag and nowhere else. With a bag-less vacuum one doesn’t have to empty the bag but it comes with a risk of getting dirt all over the floor or even worse on yourself! Vacuum bags come in varieties, some of them have an automatic closing device that covers the inlet hole during disposal. This provides almost 1005 dust protection to the user. From the above its safe to conclude that bag-less vacuum cleaners are better match for people with allergies and asthma.

A bagged vacuum cleaner provides efficient and powerful suction, as air travels from the hose straight to the bag, before reaching the bag it goes through the motor and gets filtered out through the exhaust of the vacuum.

The newer version of bagged vacuum cleaners work with anti-clog bags which reduce the risk of the bag filled up with dirt and reducing the suction strength of the device. This helps to keep floors squeaky clean with the added benefit of saving time and money.

At Red Vacuums we have two variants of vacuum bags – paper bags and HEPA (High efficiency particulate arrestance) bags. Vacuum users who are suffering from allergies and asthma should go for HEPA bags as they are specially formulated to capture ultra-fine particles, which are usually left behind by regular paper bags. In case you’re looking for economy, paper bags should do the trick.

Our Miele Vacuum Bag Product Range

MIELE TYPE B REPLACEMENT DUSTBAGS – These vacuum bags are used for S120 & S130 Stick Uprights (formerly known as Universal Uprights and/or Mini-Uprights S125 - S138).

MIELE TYPE GN AIRCLEAN 3D EFFICIENCY DUSTBAGS – This product is ideal for asthma patients. AirClean 3D efficient bags come with a 9 electrostatic layers that are equipped with an AutoSeal; a self-locking collar that helps ensure microscopic dust and dangerous allergens are safely trapped inside. For use with the following Miele canister vacuum cleaners: S400 series, S2 series, S5 series, S8 series, C1 Classic, C3 Complete series. Each box contains 4 GN bags, 1 pre motor filter and 1 post motor filter.

MIELE TYPE H REPLACEMENT DUSTBAGS – These replacement vacuum bags are specially formulated for Full-size canister S227 - S240i and S269i - S282i, such as Blue Sapphire, Black Diamond, etc.

MIELE TYPE K REPLACEMENT FILTER BAGS - These Intensive Clean Plus FilterBags are made with an intricate web of 3-ply random-spun fibers, which helps to trap more tiny particles and allergens than a conventional paper dust bag. They can be used with in stick vacuums S140 - S195.

Red Vacuums provides many other services apart from selling vacuum cleaners and their components.

  • We provide up to $150 off on buying a new vacuum by trading your old one.
  • We loan vacuum cleaners to customers who are waiting for their vacuum to get repaired.


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