Dyson Ball Compact Animal - A Versatile Home Cleaning Appliance

Dyson Ball Compact Animal - A Versatile Home Cleaning Appliance

Dyson is brand known for providing highly efficient cleaners that offer optimal performance across diverse surfaces. The Dyson Ball Compact Animal is an upright cleaner that adheres to the strict standards of quality and performance the brand is known for. Given below are the various advantages offered by the appliance that make the decision to purchase online Dyson upright vacuum a sensible one.

They are compact and lightweight

Unlike most other upright vacuums the Ball Compact Animal is not a bulky appliance. It is extremely light in weight and comes in a compact shape which makes moving it around quite easy and effortless. Its compact size also ensures its easy storage without compromising the performance of the appliance in any manner.

They offer enhanced dirt removal technology

The cleaner head of this upright vacuum has been designed to adjust to the different floor types to ensure thorough cleaning. The brush bars are comprised of a row of anti-static carbon fiber filaments in addition to nylon bristles. This helps to keep the dust stuck with the surface and enables the vacuum to easily suck it up.

They are effective in removing bacteria and allergen

The appliance features the latest 2 tier radial cyclones that help in capturing microscopic dust including bacteria and allergen in a more effective manner. To achieve this, the smaller cyclones generate a higher centrifugal force and higher airflow which helps in efficiently capturing a larger percentage of microscopic dust as compared to other appliances.

They ensure tangle free hair removal

The tangle free turbine tool helps in removing dirt and hair effectively from even confined and uneven surfaces. The tool features counter rotating heads in tandem with the brushes for removing hair and dirt. The rotation of each head in the opposite direction makes sure that the hair does not tangle while being picked up by the brush, but is rather sucked directly into the bin.

They offer easy maneuverability

The appliance is easy to turn and steer as it rides on a ball that offers a dynamic turning circle. The key components of the appliance are fitted inside the ball itself and this not only give the cleaner a streamlined look but enables it to access tight spaces with much ease.

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