Planning To Install Hardwood Floor – Get Clear Answers To These Important Questions First

Planning To Install Hardwood Floor – Get Clear Answers To These Important Questions First

There is little doubt about the fact that hardwood floors can help to improve the look, durability and value of any house or apartment quite significantly. With regular and proper hardwood floor care and maintenance, homeowners can be assured of extremely elegant and stylish looking floors that last really long and are completely eco-friendly. However, given that hardwood floor installation is a major financial decision, it is essential for the homeowners to get clear answers to the following important questions to take an informed decision.

What Is The Usual Lifestyle Of The Homeowners?

The type of hardwood floor that would best suit the needs of the homeowners depends largely on their general lifestyle. This essentially means that the homeowners should considers aspects like the total number of people living in the house, presence of any pets, frequency and volume of  house parties and even the average time they spend away from the home. These factors will help them decide about the exact type and quality of wood that they use for hardwood floor installation that lasts really long. In case of homes with pets, the homeowners should seek professional advice about the best ways for making the floors safe from any unintentional damage. Hardwood Floor Care - Tips To Keep It Bright, Shiny And Young

What Is The Best Choice – Prefinished Or Unfinished Flooring?

Prefinished hardwood floors are delivered to the clients after they have been properly stained and sealed at the factory. This ensures that they can be installed directly without any fuss and mess. This option is suitable for homeowners who need to get the entire floors installed from scratch. However, in case the homeowners need to install hardwood floor only in a small area and match it with the existing stain, then unfinished flooring is definitely the best choice. In such cases, the homeowners have to put up with the mess and inconvenience generated during the installation process, which in itself is extremely time consuming as compared to installing prefinished floors. Reasons That Make Hardwood Floors Squeak And Solutions For The Same

What Is The Effect On Humidity On Hardwood Floors?

Humidity has a deep impact on hardwood floor and can cause major damage to it. Hence, it is important for the homeowners to seek professional advice and guidance from the best professionals in the field before installing such floors in areas that are prone to high humidity or even water pooling below the wood surface. In fact, it is highly advisable to avoid cleaning the floors with wet mops or other substances that can lead to humidity. Even if such problems do not exist, the homeowners should make sure to use only the best hardwood floor cleaner that does not rely on humidity to maintain the shiny, fresh appeal of the floor.

Will The Hardwood Floor Turn Yellow Or Change Colour With Time?

Turning yellow or attaining a darker or lighter shade with the passage of time, is the natural quality of wood. However, the process might be accelerated due to the exposure of the wood to direct sunlight. Moreover, the rapidity of the process also depends on the species of wood used for flowing as well as the type of care and maintenance routine that the homeowners follow. The best way to minimize this phenomenon is to move the furniture and rugs frequently so that only a specific portion of the floor is not constantly exposed to traffic or sunlight. In addition, the homeowners can even seek the advice of hardwood floor care Vienna professionals to learn about the best ways to prevent this natural phenomenon from stealing the beauty and elegance of these expensive floors. Hardwood Floor Care - Tips To Maintain It All Year Round

What Is The Best Way To Acclimate The Hardwood Floor? 

Acclimatization is the process of making the hardwood floor get used to the climatic condition of the area in which a house or apartment is located. It is essential to help enhance the life and durability of the wooden floors and provide the homeowners with the best value for money. The best way to acclimate the floors is by let the unpacked wooden boards sit for few days within the rooms where they are to be installed. This will helps the moisture content within these wooden boards to naturally adjust to the conditions with the rooms and making them ready for installation. Ignoring this important aspect of installing hardwood floors can prove to be an extremely costly and even frustrating mistake for the homeowners in the long run.

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