How To Refill Your Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner Bottle

How To Refill Your Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner Bottle

Bona products are manufactured to give your hardwood floor an exceptional clean and glow while being super friendly to the environment. The best thing about Bona is that it cleans without leaving any kind of tacky film on the surface of your wooden floor. The concentrate cleaner is an amazing option as you can dilute it significantly and it would still work equally well thereby saving cost at the same time. One of the best wood floor cleaner in the market, Bona gives the wood a polished and freshly buffed look.

Direct comparison of Bona with other wood floor cleaners show that Bona is truly amazing for spot cleaning and regular maintenance. It not only keeps the look of your floor fresh and new but also elongates its life. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is spray it on the floors and wipe. It dries up really fast thereby leaving no chance for your kids and pets to make a mess while you are waiting your floor to dry.

Below are the pros and cons of this magical product:


  1. Recommended by the Professionals in the Field – If you have freshly installed wooden floor at your place, simply call the guy and ask for recommendations for floor cleaners. The one name you will get as answer would be Bona. So, the phrase, "the choice of professionals" is absolutely true in this case.
  1. Non-Toxic – It is an environment friendly, non-toxic product which keeps you and your environment healthy. The non-toxic property makes it an obvious choice as none of you need any more pollutants around you than there already are.
  1. Will Not Dull Wood – This is something which I have mentioned already. Use of Bona would make your floors look polished and freshly buffed just the day you installed them. It does not leave the milky-looking film thus leaving your floor look cleaner for more time.


  1. Difficult to Obtain – Well! As they say all the good things in life does not come easy. The availability is there at many store as well as online but due to high demand, Bona most likely to go out of stock.
  1. Expensive – The cleaner is expensive as compared to its counterparts in the market. To solve this problem, we have come up with a solution. Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner gives you an extra chance to save bucks with their refillable spray bottles which some think is a huge task but it actually isn’t. These refills are less expensive and helps reducing the excess landfill waste. So basically a win-win for cleaning, environment as well as your pocket.

Today we will teach you how to refill your Hardwood Floor Cleaner spray bottle without much hassle.

STEP 1 - Grab The Top Of The Bottle

Grasp the top of the trigger spray bottle so as to open the bottle. Make sure you are rotating it in the right direction.

STEP 2 – Remove The Top Of The Bottle

Twist top of the Bona Spray Bottle a quarter turn to remove and lift the sprayer in order to remove it from the bottle.

STEP 3 – Refill The Bottle

Pour the ready-to-use cleaner refill into Bona Spray Bottle until full. The refill bottle contains splash less technology as well as a secondary handle to ensure a smooth pour. You can still put a plastic funnel on the open portion in order to avoid waste due to a spill as an extra precaution. It would be better if you fill the bottle over a sink as this would help you save a lot of effort in case of spill.

STEP 4 – Place The Sprayer Back In Bottle

Once the bottle is refilled to full, place the sprayer back into the bottle. Snap the top back onto the Bona Spray Bottle by pressing down and locking into place with a quarter turn.

STEP 5 - You Are Ready To Clean And Protect Your Floors

Bona has been serving its customer for almost a century now and in that process has established an enviable reputation for high quality for its lineup of cleaning products for homeowners and professionals. Customer needs are in the topmost agenda and these refill products are a proof of that.

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