Reasons That Make Hardwood Floors Squeak And Solutions For The Same

Reasons That Make Hardwood Floors Squeak And Solutions For The Same

Squeaky hardwood floors are a common occurrence not only in old homes but even in some newer constructions. Most people believe that using the right kind of hardwood floor care products Virginia, can help them get rid of the frustrating sound that emerges every time they step on the floor. Many others also believe that the irritating squeaking sound can be eliminated by simply covering the hardwood floors with thick carpets. However, neither of the above options proves beneficial in completely curbing the squeak of hardwood floors. This is because the sound is created due to lack of proper design and materials in the floorboard, lack of appropriate workmanship or even due the intrinsic nature of wood itself.

One of the major reasons behind the hardwood floors becoming squeaky is the porous nature of the wood used for their construction. As the moisture content within the environment changes, the wood tends to expand and contract accordingly. Consequently, the adhesives and fasteners used to keep the hardwood boards joint together and with the base tend to become weak over time due to the constant shrinking and expansion of wood. This in turn causes the floor to become loose and resulting in it producing the squeaking sound when pressure is applied in the form of footfalls.

In addition to the above primary reason, hardwood floors might start producing squeaking sounds when they are designed in the right manner. This essentially means that there is a gap between the individual floor boards, which should ideally be bound together in a compact manner. The sound might also be produced when the subfloors are laid in an uneven manner which creates a void between the subfloor and the hardwood floor and causes it to squeak whenever someone steps on it.

Another major cause of squeaking floors is the insufficient use of fasteners that help in holding the floorboards tightly together. They are not only responsible for reducing the effects of regular expansion and contraction of wood but also preventing the floor boards from coming free and creating loud noise The fasteners that are commonly used in hardwood floors include screws, wedges and bridging supports etc.

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Having learned about the various reasons that might cause the squeaking of hardwood floors, listed below are some simple methods to resolve the problem.

  • The simplest way to remove squeaks from hardwood floors is by inserting shims in the gaps. However, this method can be used only when the floors can be accessed from below, as it is only then that people can identify the exact location from where the squeaks originate.
  • Filling gaps in floor boards with construction adhesive can also help to eliminate the squeaky sound. The adhesive not only plugs the gap but also helps to reattach the floor boards with each other or with the subfloor more firmly to enhance their life.
  • In areas where the floor cannot be accessed from beneath, getting rid of the squeaky sound, without redoing the floor can be a bit challenging. However, using an ample amount of wood friendly lubricants, in and around the problematic areas can prove extremely helpful.

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