How To Wash Your Washable Vacuum Filters

How To Wash Your Washable Vacuum Filters

             "My washable vacuum filter stinks. How can I wash it ?"

This is a very common question that we usually receive. Washing your washable vacuum filters is an important part of keeping your vacuum cleaner happy and healthy all the time. Always remember, “a happy vacuum cleaner means a happy home”. Being part of Red Vacuums has instilled in me a constant urge to come up with the best for the customers. 

We have come up with step-by-step instruction manual to teach you on how to clean the filters properly ensuring fresh and clean air all year round.

Before starting, it is important to know that you should wash your vacuum cleaner after to 3 or 4 uses. Both, cleaning too often or not cleaning at all, can damage the filters and can lead to wastage of time and money. So follow these steps to move forward with the cleaning.

Step 1 : I hope the instruction manual which came along with your vacuum is not lost because first step is to read it thoroughly. This would give you plenty of information which will be of help while cleaning the filters. Once you are aware of all the ins and outs of your vacuum, we are ready to move further.

Step 2 : Take the filters outside. Cleaning the filters indoors would cause the dust to settle all over your house which you would not like for sure. Also there would be better light outside and hence it would be easy to clean the filters.

Step 3 : Tap your filter on the side of the garbage bin. Majority of dust particles trapped inside would be easily removed with this. Repeat this process twice or thrice.

Important Tip : Do not be too caring and wash your filters after the first wash itself. It could adversely affect your filter and can even damage it completely.

Step 4 : Wash your filter with cool-lukewarm water and rinse it thoroughly. Please do not use any soap as it can get stuck and damage the filter.

stinky vacuum filter

Step 5 : Now that it is washed, it is time to dry it in sun. Keep it outside for at least 24 to 48 hours, flipping the sides once or twice in the process.

Step 6 : The first time manual would come in handy here and you would thank me while performing this step. Now the filter is dry, clean and is ready to be put back in the vacuum cleaner.

Word of Caution : Do not use abrasive materials or scrub your filter between the pleats as this could damage your beloved vacuum cleaner.

So follow these steps and don’t forget to do it on periodic basis. For the rest of the things, your very own “friend, philosopher and guide” is there to accompany you in every part of your vacuum cleaning journey right from buying your vacuum cleaner, to changing its filters and belts, to servicing it, to repairing it and finally moving on with a brand new vacuum when it is time to say goodbye to the old one.

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