Three Most Popular And Efficient Cordless Vacuum Cleaners From Dyson

Three Most Popular And Efficient Cordless Vacuum Cleaners From Dyson

Vacuum cleaners are amongst the most important appliances used in modern households. With the advances in technology, these cleaning gadgets have also evolved tremendously.  Today, countless brands offer the most sophisticated vacuum cleaners to users to meet their individual requirements and budgets. Dyson is one the most renowned brand that offers high quality vacuum cleaners loaded with diverse features. However, given the wide choice of appliances that this brand offers, choosing the right Dyson vacuum cleaner can be a really confusing. To make the process easier,given below are the brief details of the top three cordless vacuum cleaners from Dyson.

DysonV6 Absolute

This top of line cleaner can be used for both hardwood floor cleaning as well as carpet cleaning. This is made possible with the help of the two different heads that are made available with the vacuum cleaner. The first one is designed specifically for cleaning hardwood surfaces, while the other head featuring an electric motor can be used for cleaning carpets and other similar surfaces. The cleaner also comes equipped with soft brushes that are capable of carrying out deep cleaning to give a neat and sparkling look. Some of the features offered by this one of its kind Dyson cordless vacuums are listed below.

  • Is extremely light weight with a suction power of 100 AW
  • Has bin capacity of 0.105 gallons, with a push button system for emptying in a simple and hygienic manner.
  • Is powered by a V6 digital motor
  • Comes fitted with HEPA filtration system and washable lifetime filter

DysonV6 Animal

This bag less and cordless vacuum cleaner is a must have appliance for people who live with pets. The high-performance stick vacuum comes with a mini-motorized tool that is extremely efficient in removing pet hair and ground-in dirt. It can also be used for hand held cleaning thanks to the easily detachable wand. It also comes with a charger docking station where it can be placed to get recharged and ready for next use, once the cleaning is over. Its strong suction ensures in-depth cleaning while its soft brushes make its extremely safe for use on upholstery and other delicate surfaces. Some of the features offered by this high-end cleaner from Dyson are listed below.

  • Features the bagless 2-tier radial cyclone technology for enhanced suction and better cleaning
  • Mini motorized tools simplifies even the toughest cleaning tasks
  • Comes with multistage cyclonic filtration system for easy maintenance
  • Once fully charged the battery provides up to 20 minutes of cleaning time

DysonV6 Motorhead

This is one of the finest high-end stick vacuums from Dyson is well balanced for both floor and ceiling cleaning.For people who choose to buy Dyson vacuums online, it is important to know that this is a bag less and cordless vacuum cleaner that is designed for both handheld and upright cleaning tasks. The bin of 0.105 gallons capacity comes with a simple push button emptying system to ensure hygienic cleaning ensures of all the accumulated dirt and debris. Its 100 AW suction power ensures that it can clean both pet hair and fine particles with great efficiency.  Listed below are some of the features of this appliance.

  • Comes with a direct drive cleaner head for enhanced efficiency and deeper cleaning
  • Is powered by a V6 digital motor
  • Provides 20 minutes of fade free suction after being fully charged
  • Comes with a max mode to provide increased suction for difficult tasks
  • Provided with a docking station that doubles up as a charger

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