5 Simple Cleaning Tips With Your Riccar Vacuum Cleaners

5 Simple Cleaning Tips With Your Riccar Vacuum Cleaners

“I had to clean the house for 2 HOURS just to tell Guests, “Sorry About The Mess!”

If you want to save yourself the embarrassment when your guests arrive, you need to do a difficult task before that big party. Yes, I am talking about cleaning. Cleaning can be so overwhelming sometimes. Cleaning a place which you know is going to get dirty again seems such waste of time sometimes but with your Riccar Upright Vacuum, nothing is too difficult.

Here are 5 quick tips that you can come in handy while cleaning with your beloved Riccar vacuum cleaner.

Plan It Out

Trust me you would feel so much confident about doing this if you have a plan. Prepare a checklist listing all sections of the house that needs to be cleaned and respective tools that would be needed in the process. Check the riccar vacuum filters and make sure they are in good health to take up this challenge. Planning it in advance would save you the last minute hassle of bringing detergents or the riccar vacuum tools from downstairs.

Stock Up The Supplies

Now that the checklist is in place, you know exactly what all supplies you would need. If you already have them in your home, nothing like it, else its time to do some shopping.

Take Help From Kids

Shocked? I know kids and cleaning do not go along but involving them, even though damn risky, would be such a stress buster. These little angels could reach those corners where you can’t reach. Riccar Vacuum cleaners are perfectly safe for kids. These little explorers would help you find stuff that you have been meaning to find for months now.

Pace Yourself

The checklist which you prepared would seem like a blessing here. Cleaning is a humongous task and in no way can be done in a single day unless you are craving badly for a week long bed rest after that. With the help of checklist, break it into small jobs spreading it over a week or more. There are certain jobs that can’t be done alone and need not be done really often like cleaning the ceiling fans, so these can be done far in advance. So give some time to write it all down and break it up in small jobs.

Make It Fun

I know many people who do cleaning for de-stressing and if you are a fan of FRIENDS like me, you must have immediately thought of Monica. Oh! the way, she used to take care of her vacuum cleaners was so overwhelming. So make her your role model and make cleaning a fun activity. Trust me, it would be so much more satisfying.

So follow these tips and start cleaning now. For the rest of the things, your very own “friend, philosopher and guide” is there to accompany you in every part of your vacuum cleaning journey right from buying your Riccar vacuum cleaner, changing its part, servicing it, repairing it and finally moving on with a brand new riccar.

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