How To Make Your Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Last Longer

How To Make Your Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Last Longer

“My neighbor asked if she could use my vacuum cleaner. I said, “Sure, as long as you don’t take it out of my house””

Such is the craze of the people who owns a Sebo Vacuum Cleaner. Do you fall in the category too? Do you want to have a long lasting relationship with your very own Sebo? Here are a few simple things that you can do at home to keep your vacuum cleaner healthy and avoid that trip to the repair shop for a long time.

01  -  If you have a bagged vacuum cleaner, always change the vacuum bag before it is 100% full and if it bagless, clean your filters after every vacuum or at least on alternate basis. This would keep the suction of the vacuum cleaner strong and prevent the motor from overheating.

02  -  Clean the rotary brush if there, frequently in order to prevent it from jamming and wearing out the belt

03  -  Check and clean the hoses and vacuum rods on a regular basis. This would ensure, there are no air restrictions that could overheat the motor by reducing the suction.

04  -  Clean all the filters every 2 months and replace them every year. Do not use filters for more than 50 hours of vacuum cleaner use. Trust me your vacuum motor and your lungs will thank you for changing these. You can buy Sebo vacuum parts online very easily.

05  -  Do not forget to service your vacuum cleaner every year. During this, the vacuum cleaner is thoroughly cleaned by removing the accumulated dust in and around the motor and internal filters. A service will elongate the life of your vacuum cleaner and would keep it brand new all the year long.

06  -  Rather than vacuuming the large items of the floor, you can always broom it away or pick it up with hand.

07  -  In case you are hanging up the flexible vacuum hose while keeping the vacuum cleaner in storage, always make a rounded bend rather than a sharp one. This would prevent kinks from being formed.

08  -  Do not pick up carpet powders, plaster dust or very fine dust as these particles are too fine to get stored in the filter and can damage the motor of your vacuum cleaner.

09  -  Always turn off your vacuum cleaner before removing the plug from the wall.

10  -  Understand your vacuum cleaner well. You cannot use it on wet surfaces unless it is meant for the purpose. Sucking in liquids with a dry vacuum cleaner would do immediate damage to your beautiful vacuum cleaner and I am sure, you definitely do not want that.

I sincerely hope that you all will follow these small workable things in order to ensure a long lasting relationship with your vacuum cleaners. For the rest of the things, your very own “friend, philosopher and guide” is there to accompany you in every part of your vacuum cleaning journey right from buying your Sebo vacuum cleaner, changing its part, servicing it, repairing it and finally replacing it with new one.

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