Hoover Windtunnel 3 – A High Performance Vacuum Best Suited For Households With Pets

Hoover Windtunnel 3 – A High Performance Vacuum Best Suited For Households With Pets

Hoover is one of the oldest vacuum manufacturing brands and has been catering to the diverse cleaning needs of countless satisfied clients for more than a century. The company is known for offering extremely efficient vacuum designed to provide deep cleaning across multiple surfaces quite conveniently. The ability of the brand to adapt to new technologies and innovations in the vacuum cleaning industry and transfer its benefits to end users, has enables it to remain a preferred choice of vacuum users even today. In keeping with its commitment to provide the most efficient cleaners the company offers different models and types of cleaners and proclaims the Windtunnel 3 to be the best of all Hoover Vacuums produced till date.

Ascertaining The Truth : Given the wide choice of options of vacuum cleaners offered by Hoover, it is only natural for buyers to feel skeptical about the company’s claim regarding the superiority of Windtunnel 3. However when one looks at the features and functionality offered by this specific device, trusting the reliability of this claim becomes relatively easier. Discussed below are the various features and specifications of the Windtunnel 3, which make it one of the best vacuum cleaners available in the market, especially for pet owners.

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Airflow And Suction : As the name indicates, the Windtunnel features the innovative air flew technology developed in-house by the brand. The technology helps to create 3 channels of airflow and focuses the suction power on removing the dirt and debris that gets embedded deep into the carpet threads and bare floors. The powerful and well focused suction also ensures that the users do not need to vacuum the same spot multiple times to make it spotlessly clean. This makes Windtunnel 3 an extremely efficient device in terms of removing almost any type of dirt and debris.

Cyclonic Filtration Technology :  The Windtunnel 3 comes fitted with the revolutionary cyclonic filtration system that sucks out dirt and debris from the air without causing reduction in suction. The primary filter is easy to replace and clean besides which the appliance is also provided with a secondary HEPA filter having a carbon layer. While the primary filter effectively traps dust and debris particles, the secondary filter helps in removing odors and trapping finer particles of up to 0.3 microns.

Dust Cup :  This vacuum from Hoover is provided with a medium sized dust cup having a capacity of 0.37 gallons. It is able to hold relatively more dust, debris and dirt than most other similar vacuums available in the market. Emptying the dust cup is extremely easy as it is provided with a bottom release button which can be pushed to empty the contents of the dust cup into a garbage bin in a hands-free manner. In addition, the users can easily remove and replace the dust cup to wash and clean it at regular intervals.

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Tool Set : Hoover Windtunnel 3 is provided with a set of powerful tools that help in ensuring comprehensive cleaning of any space. These include the telescopic extension wand and the crevice tool as well as the pet turbo tool and the dusting brush. These tools can be individually used to clean cracks and crevices, upholstery, furniture and stairs, and vents etc. the pet turbo tool is really effective as it effectively removes even the longest pet hairs.

Device Usability : Windtunnel 3 is designed to maximum convenience and ease of use for the owners.   It comes with a seven level height adjustment feature besides which it provides the functionality to switch the brushroll on and off. The appliance is provided with an LED headlight to ensure better cleaning of dark or poorly lit surfaces. The swivel neck functionality along with the presence of wheels, almost make-up for the lack of easy maneuverability caused due to the bulkiness of the appliance. The power button is located on the handle for ease of use.

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Overall Performance : This is a truly high performing device offered by Hoover especially in terms of removing finer particles from both carpets and bare floors. However, the appliance does produce a relatively high noise and this might be problematic for some users. However, when it comes to removing pet hair and dander, the Windtunnel 3 definitely outshines almost every other cleaner in the market. It is also not uncommon for hair to get entangled on the brushroll, but that too can be easily removed without affecting the device performance.

Maintenance And Support :  This appliance from Hoover come fitted with a red indicator which lights up immediately when something goes wrong. The user manual provides complete details of the various issues that might disrupt the optimal performance of the appliance. The need to replace any spares and accessories is extremely rare as these are crafted from the best quality materials to ensure great durability. However, in case they need to be replaced obtaining them is as easy as ordering them online from the company website or an authorized repair store.

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