Bissell CrossWave – Raising The Performance Standard Of Bissell Vacuums To A New Height

Bissell CrossWave – Raising The Performance Standard Of Bissell Vacuums To A New Height

With over 140 years of experience in manufacturing the most efficient and powerful vacuum cleaners, Bissell is definitely one of the most trusted and popular brands in the field. The company boasts of a rich history of constant innovation and improvement in its products that has helped it to match the changing cleaning needs of millions of satisfied customers. Providing high quality and sustainable products has been an integral part of the operating philosophy of the brand, which is why Bissell vacuums are renowned for their sturdy construction and long life. Over the years the company has introduced countless new cleaners in the market, each offering a unique set of features and functionality to meet the day to day cleaning requirements of the users.

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Bissell CrossWave is a premium product offered by this brand and has earned much praise for its exceptional cleaning performance across multiple floors. Despite being a relatively new product, the CrossWave has already created a buzz in the market for its effortless cleaning and superb functionality which is a combination of a mop and a vacuum. It is being hailed as the perfect vacuum for people seeking sparkling clean floors along with clean, fresh smelling carpets devoid of any pet hair and dander. Discussed below are the factors that make Bissell CrossWave so popular within this extremely competitive sector.

Dual Action Brush Roll : The CrossWave comes fitted with a dual action brush roll that enables the device to vacuum and scrub at the same time. This functionality combined with the great suction power of the device ensures that the users get exceptionally clean floors that are completely free from even the finest particles of dust and debris. While working with rugs, the scrubbing action of the brush roll helps in removing even the toughest stains after swiping over the cleaner a few times, leaving the carpets spotlessly clean.

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Dual Water Tank : As mentioned before, the CrossWave acts as a mop as well, which is why it features the two-tank technology. The larger tank with a capacity of about 28 ounces is used for holding clean water, while the smaller tank with a capacity of 14.5ounces stores the dirty water sucked after cleaning the floors. The smaller tank is provided with an automatic stopping mechanism that prevents the dirty water from overflowing into the tank holding clean water. The users can mix the special multi-surface cleaning solution in the larger tank to enhance the cleaning prowess of the appliance. However, the larger tank does not have any water level indicator, which means that the users need to constantly check the level of water in the tank.

Easy Maneuverability Across Different Surfaces :  In order to enhance the convenience for the users, the appliance is provided with Smart Clean fingertip Buttons on its handle. These buttons allow the users to easily shift between cleaning hardwood floors and carpets of different pile height at the touch of a button. Moreover, the CrossWave features swivel steering that further simplifies the maneuverability of the appliance across the floors.  It can be bent down to extremely low levels enabling the users to efficiently clean up the surfaces under furniture. The light weight design also makes moving the appliance around quite easy and effortless. The 25 foot long cord makes moving the appliance between rooms quite easy and eliminates the need to frequently plug it in or out.

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Decent Filtration : Given the all-in-on cleaning design of Bissell Crosswave it is not surprising that the appliance does not feature a HEPA grade filter. Irrespective of that the cleaner provides decent filtration with an ability to trap a majority of airborne particles. Moreover, the filtration unit can be easily removed for washing, although it is important to let it completely dry before being inserted back. Replacing the worn out filter is also quite easy and relatively inexpensive with the new filter costing less than $10.

Compact Design :  Bissel CrossWave is no more than 46 inches tal and 11 inches wide, which makes it one of the most compact cleaners available in the market. The appliance is small enough to fit perfectly in a corner or a closet. It also comes with a specially designed brush roll tray for storage. So it is advisable for the users to remove the brushroll before storing the appliance, to enhance its life. The self standing device does not need to be stored with the support of anything such as wall or another bigger appliance.

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Easy To Assemble : Convenience is the buzzword when it comes to Bissell CrossWave. The appliance can be easily assembled without even the use of a screwdriver. In fact, the various parts simply snap into place making the appliance ready for use within just a matter of minutes. The device is equally simple to pull apart except for the handle, which doesn’t detach. This proves beneficial in case the users need to move to some other location or just for a thorough cleaning session.

Cleaning Efficiency : The device has been engineered to provide a suction power of 100-150 AWs which is enough to handle almost any type of dirt and dust on both hardwood floors and rugs. It operates using about 4.4amps of power which makes the appliance extremely energy efficient in terms of performing day-to-day cleaning.

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Warranty And Price : Bissell offers a 2-years limited warranty on the CrossWave which can be extended to another 2-years in case the users choose to buy the appliance directly from Bissell. The appliance costs around $250, which is quite a reasonable price for a cleaner that offers such great efficiency and diverse functionality. However, users living in North Virginia can get a decent discount on the purchase of the appliance from Red Vacuums Store in Vienna, by trading in their old vacuum.

Other Salient Features :  Bissell CrossWave is known for its low noise operation as it produces no more than 62db sound. Despite the presence of dual-water tanks it does not leave any residues from the cleaning solution or leave the surfaces damp. However, there might be considerable leakage in case the users leave the tank full without operating the device for a significantly long time.

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