Dyson Vacuums Have The Best Stick Vacuum Ever

Dyson Vacuums Have The Best Stick Vacuum Ever

So you have a Dyson and you are so happy to have it. Another thing to be proud of is that it has the best stick vacuums ever. The new Dyson V6 Cordless vacuums may look to you as the spiffed up version of their older counterpart but they really aren’t these and is far and away better than the earlier models.

The new stick Dyson vacuums have a direct drive Motorhead. The new stick vacuums have all the features and much more than you could ever expect from a Dyson cordless. These are light in weight and have the center of gravity towards the grip ensuring an easy cleaning from floor to ceiling. The digital motor generates a powerful suction that makes the Dyson a class in itself.

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It’s two-tier arrangement of 15 cyclones help in increasing the airflow which captures the more fine dust particles. So all this is fine (I know you would say this). What makes the Dyson special? It is the direct drive cleaner head that makes it a first stick vacuum which is capable of cleaning all types of flooring well be it small floors or carpets or anything else. You name it and the Dyson V6 will be at your service. It’s not just smooth floors we are talking about here, but the Dyson is capable of entering into the crevices of hardwood, stone and tile floors. And carpets are not just the low pile, but we are talking about the most difficult carpets, like frisee, flokatti and shag.

The direct drive head provides 75% extra brush power than the motorized version of the base Dyson V6 cordless vacuum and hence better performance than many (read almost every) standard upright vacuum cleaner. In case of carpets, Dyson’s stiff nylon bristles run deep into the piles thereby removing ground-in dirt, something the other stick vacuums can’t do. And for hardwood flooring there comes the soft carbon fiber filaments that pick up the finest of the dust particles, again something out of reach of regular stick vacuums.

Now Dyson D6 has three versions which you can choose as per your wants and needs. If you simply need a cordless stick vacuum reaping the benefits of its direct-drive cleaner head and  don’t need much else, then the Dyson V6 Motorhead will be an appropriate choice. It comes up with a crevice tool as well as a dusting brush capable of meeting the most typical cleaning needs.

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However, if you have pets and you want to use your Dyson for cleaning furniture and stairs, you need to go for Dyson V6 Animal. It contains the basic tools along with a mini motorized tool designed especially for vacuuming pet hair, stairs, upholstery and other small tight spaces that are otherwise inaccessible to clean.

If you have hardwood flooring and need to protect them, you need to go straight towards the Dyson V6 Absolute with Hepa filters. It is Dyson’s only HEPA cordless stick vacuum and includes a mini motorized head that comes with the V6 Animal and also the new Fluffy soft cleaner head (Ahh!! Good of all the worlds i would say). The fluffy head cleaner is designed especially for hardwood floors. It is covered in soft woven nylon with alternate rows of anti-static carbon fiber filaments. It picks up fine dust and large debris simultaneously (Magical, i would say).


So the trusted brand would never fail to surprise you and would always give you more than you expect. For everything else, your “Friend, philosopher and guide” in vacuum cleaner is there to help you, guide you and get you a brand new vacuum cleaner. And if you already have one, we will be there at every step right from Dyson vacuum service, Dyson vacuum repair finally saying goodbye and welcoming a new Dyson vacuum in your family. So you don’t worry and leave everything to us. We will be there when you need us. Till then, “Keep calm and vacuum clean your house.”

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