Which Type Of Bissell Vacuum Is Better - Bagless Or Bagged?

Which Type Of Bissell Vacuum Is Better - Bagless Or Bagged?

We have been dealing in Bissell vacuums for a long time and we have lost the number of times we have come across this very question. People who come to buy vacuum parts or for repair also ask this very question. So today we thought, let’s answer this question and save you the entire mind scratching that you have been doing for a long time.

So the answer is neither is better than the other. Both are equally good if they are maintained properly and paid attention to from time to time. The cleaning performance of any vacuum cleaner depends on many other factors like suction power, change of filters from time to time, effectiveness on different types of floorings etc.

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A bagged Bissell vacuum cleaner loses its cleaning effectiveness when it is filled with debris. It needs to be changed when it is half or two-third filled in order to ensure the best cleaning performance and ensuring the long life of the bags. However in a bagless vacuum, the container is clear and hence it captures dirt easily as there is not a bag to fill up and clog. Also with a clear dirt container, one can access when there is a need to empty the container thereby ensuring constant airflow and suction power.

Bagless vacuum cleaners begin to lose their suction power usually when the filters get clogged with the fine dust particles. The filters need extra care and attention. They need to be checked from time to time so that they could be cleaned and replaced when required. Nowadays, bagless vacuums have washable filters which could be easily cleaned and hence lasts longer than the normal filters and therefore are more cost effective. Nowadays, the bagless vacuum comes with multi-cyclonic technology. They use centrifugal force instead of filters to separate the dirt and particles. Also the vacuum’s filter can stay clean for longer durations thus leading to non-stop suction thereby superior cleaning can be ensured.

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One more thing is convenience which is the greatest advantage in the bagless vacuum. You do not have to change the bags and hence you don’t need to buy them or search them in your stock. That is such a convenient way of vacuuming your house after all. The dirt container gives you a full idea about how much you have vacuumed up. Also it is easy to remove any object if picked by accident.

So the choice of which vacuum cleaner (Bagless or Bagged) depends solely on your personal preferences. I would say, there are many more factors to consider other than this so do not neglect them and come to a decision after weighing after single pro and con about the appliance. As this vacuum cleaner would your partner in cleaning for a long time.

As far as Bissell is concerned, the company has been providing quality vacuums for over 125 years. It’s known for their quality and performance. The vacuum cleaners are designed, engineered and manufactured keeping in mind the need of its customers. They invest heavily in market research in order to understand what exactly is required by their customer and then come up with a product that is closer to meeting all your expectations at the most affordable prices.

With a complete range of Bissell products, each product is designed for specific needs be it quick picks or deep down cleaning. Also, within each category, it offers various features and options so that customers can customise their Bissell vacuum as per their needs and wants.

Having being said this, for everything else, we are always there as your “Friend, Philosopher and Guide” when it would come to vacuum cleaners. All you need to do is decide you need a vacuum cleaner. For rest everything, we are there to help you right from buying your Bissell vacuum to its repair, exchange of parts till the time you need to say goodbye and welcome a new Bissell to your home. So Don’t you worry child. “Keep Calm and Vacuum clean your House.”

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