Advantages Offered By Bagged Vacuum Cleaners Over Bagless Ones

Advantages Offered By Bagged Vacuum Cleaners Over Bagless Ones

Buying a new vacuum cleaner is never an easy decision, especially in the modern times, when the market is flooded with countless models these of sophisticated devices offered by renowned brands. The choice is further complicated by the never ending debate about whether the bagless vacuums are better than bagged ones or vice versa. This debate is relevant regardless of the brand of vacuums that the buyers might opt for, which means that they will have to make this choice whether they choose to by Riccar vacuum cleaners or the ones from Miele or Dyson or any other brand. In order to help the buyers make an informed decision, it is important for them to first understand the difference between these two types of vacuums.

Difference Between Bagged And Bagless Vacuums

The main point of difference between bagged and bagless vacuums is in the manner in which they enable the users to get rid of the dirt and debris accumulated by the cleaners. As their name suggests, the bagged vacuums use an additional bag to contain the dirt and debris sucked up by the vacuum which can be detached and replaced with a new bag when it becomes full. On the other hand bagless vacuums come with a sealed container where the accumulated dirt and dust is stored and is then disposed off by simply emptying the container.

Advantages Offered By Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Even though the two cleaners do not differ much in their operation, the bagged vacuums are often preferred over the bagless ones. This is irrespective of whether the users opt for Riccarupright vacuum or canister ones or similar models from other renowned brands. This is because the bagged devices are known to offer the following benefits to the users making them a popular choice.

Help Enhance Filter Life: The filters in bagged vacuums generally last longer than the ones used in bagless ones. Unlike the bagless vacuums, the dirt and debris stored inside the bagged ones is not directly and constantly in contact with the filters causing them to become clogged frequently. The presence of the bag, ensures that the filters are free from the dust and debris once it has been sucked into the bag ensuring that they do not need to be cleaned frequently and hence last relatively longer.

They Are More Hygienic: Vacuum cleaners that feature a bag for storing dust and debris are generally believed to be more hygienic than the ones without any bags. This is because the bags provide an additional layer of filtration which further enhances the efficiency of the state of the art Riccar vacuum filters and the filters used by other brands. The latest bagged filters even come with the technology of automatically sealing the bags to prevent the dirt and debris from escaping back into the environment, especially at the time of disposal.

Are Easy To Maintain:  Bagged vacuums are easier to maintain because they do not need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Since all the accumulated dust and grime is contained in the bag, removing the same is all it takes to clean the vacuum. Moreover, the bagged vacuums generally have a greater capacity than the bagless ones, which means that the frequency of changing the bags is also reduced.

Safe To Use Around People With Respiratory Issues: Given the higher level of filtration and hygiene offered by bagged vacuums, they are best suited for use around people with respiratory issues. So, users, who have loved one with any such health problem in their homes, can safely operate these cleaners around them without putting their wellness at risk.

The above reasons makes is quite clear as to why bagged vacuums are preferred over bagless ones, especially in residential units, hospitals and medical centers.

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