Shark Rocket Powerhead – A Highly Efficient Vacuum Perfect For Day To Day Cleaning

Shark Rocket Powerhead – A Highly Efficient Vacuum Perfect For Day To Day Cleaning

Over the years, Shark has established itself as one of the most trusted brands known for providing highly powerful and efficient devices that provide complete cleaning in an easy and convenient manner. The brand has launched several models of vacuum cleaners to meet the diverse requirements of individual users. Shark vacuum cleaners are designed using state of the art technology and are capable of cleaning multiple surfaces in a smooth and hassle free manner. Continuing its trend of providing the most powerful and versatile vacuum cleaners to its users, the brand has now come out with Shark Rocket Powerhead model, which offers the combined benefits of an innovative design and state-of-the –art technology.

Features That Set The Shark Rocket Powerhead Apart From Its Competitors

The Rocket Powerhead is one of the most user friendly devices available in the market in the current times. The level of user-friendliness can be gauged from the fact that it can be operated easily by adults and elderly people as well as children. In addition, the device comes with the following features that make it a great choice for people seeking comprehensive cleaning for their entire home.

Appearance And Design : The latest model of Shark vacuums impresses the users with its perfectly compact and grab-and-go design with fingertip controls provided in the handle itself.  The cleaner has dimensions of no more than 13.8 inches x 7.5 inches x 38.2 inches and weights only 9 pounds. Given the extremely light weight and compact design of this stick cleaner, it enables easy maneuverability without affecting the cleaning proficiency. The compact design also ensures easy storage even in a small space such as a closet or any other storage space.

Suction Power : The model features Shark’s innovative "Never Loses Suction" technology, which makes it capable of offering deep cleaning even after years of usage. This technology uses single-cyclone power that prevents the filters from getting clogged and thus ensuring that the device does not lose its suction with the passage of time. The device also features a dual mode suction control button to set the cleaning power according to the type of dirt and debris that needs to be cleaned.

Innovative Design : One of the best features of the Rocket Powerhead cleaner is that unlike other vacuum cleaners, it does not have the motor head situated at a considerable distance from the suction head or the dirt bin. Rather the motor head is placed right above the cleaning head besides which the dust cup of 0.2 gallon capacity is also placed right next to the motor head. This means that the suction does not have to go through a series of hoses before it reaches the cleaning head and this naturally improves the efficiency of the device.

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Filtration System : Just like the other models of Shark vacuum cleaners, buyers can get the advantage of dual filter system featured in the Rocket Powerhead model. This ensures better trapping of dust, dirt and allergens present in the area to be cleaned providing healthier and hygienic cleaning. Since both the filters are washable, you do not need to worry about getting them replaced in case they become clogged with dirt after some period of time. They can be cleaned easily by simply rinsing them and leaving them to air dry before being fitted back into the device.

Other Accessories : Like most other vacuum cleaners, Shark offers a variety of attachments to enhance the cleaning efficiency of the Rocket Power head model. These primarily include two brushes that can be interchanged according to the surface being cleaned. It also features a pop-up dust cup and a telescopic handle to clean even difficult to reach surfaces. The device also has a 25 feet cord for greater cleaning radius.

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