What You Must Consider While Buying Home Air Purifier?

What You Must Consider While Buying Home Air Purifier?

These days, the pollution inside our home is five times more than what is present outside. This is the reason the homeowners are considering buying the home air purifiers. With so many brands present in the market, the consumers get perplexed with regard to buying of the air purifiers. The prices vary significantly in respect of brands and specifications. If you are also searching for the best air purifier for your home, here is your perfect buying guide:

Genuine HEPA Technology

A number of brands slap their air purifiers with HEPA label, but in reality, they stand not even close to HEPA technology. Do an in-depth research about the brand and its air purifiers in respect of the use of genuine HEPA technology. A genuine HEPA filter is adept in removing as much as 99.7% of the airborne particulates present inside the room. If any air purifier marked with HEPA technology is available at a lower price, it is evident that it is a fake air purifier as HEPA air purifier are reputable and comes with a price.

Clean Air Delivery Rate

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) measures the rate at which the particulates such as dust, pollen and smoke present in the air gets removed in relation to the amount of time taken. CADR is measured in the unit of CPM. The higher is the rate of CADR, the better the air purifier proves to be.

Area of Coverage

The air purifiers present in the market are specially designed to cover the space ranging from 215 sq ft to 700 sq ft. before buying any air purifier for your room, you must take the measurements. Measure the dimensions such as length and breadth of the room where the air purifier needs to be placed. These dimensions will help in determining the area of coverage of the air purifier. While determining the area of coverage, also consider how evenly the purifier is distributing the clean air.

Long-Term Performance

The air purifiers from the top notch brands are known for their long-term performance. Their performance and efficiency in terms of cleaning the air remain the same as was at the time of buying it. The low-quality air purifiers, on the other hand, show a bad performance and their effectiveness deteriorates over their regular and long usage.

Cost of Maintenance

Over a long term usage, the air purifiers require costs in terms of maintenance and replacement of the parts. The air filters usually last for a period of 3 to 6 months and require replacement after the said period. The replacement price can cost heavily to the buyer. Also, there is a cost associated with the cleaning and maintenance of the needles and glass plates present inside the purifiers. Thus, make sure to account these costs before selecting any air purifier for your home.

Size and Weight of Purifier

The air purifiers come in every shape, size and weight. Thus, it is purely a personal choice when it comes to choosing a purifier. There are some purifiers which are heavy and bulky making their relocation to different places or even rooms of the same house a difficult task. The light weighted air purifiers, on the other hand, give a compromised coverage. There are, however, a few air purifiers which are a combination of both the air purifiers and fan, thus take less space at home and provides the best of both worlds.

Electricity Costs

Make sure to check out the cost of power consumption of the air purifier in order to determine the annual electricity costs, which the air purifier will add to your electricity bill. Go for such purifiers whose electricity costs are less and thus will put less pressure in terms of the electricity bill.

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