Why Riccar Vacuum Cleaners Make Cleaning a Breeze

Why Riccar Vacuum Cleaners Make Cleaning a Breeze

One of the largest seller of vacuum cleaners, Riccar is known for its passion towards making world-class products. The basis of every appliance made by the company is performance and their main obsession lies in having high airflow numbers and a strong suction power. The new Tandem Air Technology beats up both the clean air as well as direct air machine technologies resulting in a vacuum cleaner that has state of the art filtration mechanism alongside a great cleaning performance. The product range includes:

Tandem Air Uprights

These state of the art vacuum cleaners comes up with patented Tandem technology that is a combination of two different motors which gives exceptional cleaning power. So with this appliance you get advanced HEPA filtration mechanisms, amazing carpet cleaning and strong suction power. Below is a list of few worth checking:

Riccar Premium Radiance RADP

This appliance is a perfect combination of the Tandem Air System and powerful on-board tools. Every user of this device marvels at its unique dirt-sensing display, which gives an indicator whether the dirt embedded in the carpet has been successfully cleared or not.

Riccar RADP Upright Vacuum Cleaner


It contains some of the best riccar vacuum parts such as a stainless steel bottom plate, carpet height adjustment,  7-stage HEPA filtration, a dirt sensing display lights and a filter-check light.

Clean Air Uprights

These appliances have powerful attachments and the HEPA media filtration. Offering a high degree of versatility, they have long-stretch hoses and telescopic wands which makes it easy for users  to maneuver the device across floors and ceilings without struggling.

Riccar Ultra Premium Vibrance R2UP

The best of all the available products in this category, Riccar R2UP offers ease of use, outstanding durability and low maintenance needs. The new body design offers amazing airflow at the same time providing the benefits of lifetime belt and self sealing HEPA bag system.

Riccar R2UP Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The major plus of this device is its 2 stage motor system that ensures maximum cleaning performance. The surface selector feature makes it a universal product and can be used for carpets, bare floors and rugs. Some of the other features include headlamp, full-bag indicator, rubber wheels, surface selector switch and a 40 ft cord.

Lightweight Uprights

Some of Riccar lightweight vacuum cleaners are less than 9 pound but this does not imply that they are not powerful enough to deliver on the dirtiest carpets. Easy to transport across various rooms, these vacuum cleaners are very easy to maneuver and can be easily moved up and down the stairs.

Riccar SupraLite Sand Trap

Now this one is the best in lightweight category thanks to its powerful two stage motor system which helps remove the smallest of the particles that are ingrained deep into your carpet. So do not judge this appliance by its size because it can do a lot of things which you won’t even expect from such a small vacuum cleaner.

Riccar R10SAND lightweight upright

A perfect appliance for people living near beach or golf course, this machine is designed perform and offers convenience as well as the ease of cleaning. Some of the unique features include a lifetime belt, rubber wheels, a metal brush-roll, deluxe touch handle grip etc.

Commercial Uprights

These vacuum cleaners are built to last and will stand the wear and tear that happens due to daily use. The body is made up of metal components and it comes with extra long commercial grade cord. The maintenance is easy and Riccar vacuum cord repair is readily available in case anything goes wrong.

Riccar Commercial 8925

The most popular appliance under this category, the 8925 is one of the cheapest commercial vacuum cleaner one can find in the market. It has longer shelf life and comes up with an able muscle to deliver to the high standards of commercial cleaning.

 Riccar 8925 Commercial Upright vacuum cleaner

Some of the features include surface selector, on-board tools, 12 amp 2 stage motor system, 6 stage filtration system and a metal bottom plate.


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