The Blessing In Cleaning Disguise - Cirrus Vacuum Cleaners

The Blessing In Cleaning Disguise - Cirrus Vacuum Cleaners

One of the best vacuum cleaners manufacturers, Cirrus has specialized both in residential and commercial appliances. They use durable materials to design a lasting cleaning solution and has a wide product range of Cirrus vacuum cleaners suiting to the needs of its customers. Their product range is as follows:

  1. The Cirrus Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

One of the most versatile vacuum cleaner, it has the capability of converting into a hand-held unit. It is built with the bagless and cyclonic technologies, hence you would not require cirrus vacuum bags from time to time.

cirrus vacuum

The adjustable pivot handle helps you to clean hidden and hard-to-reach areas. This foldable hand ensures the ease of storage. It comes with a brush roll and can be used on wood, rugs, carpets and parquets. The power cord is the best feature of the machine as it the allows to use the device freely around the house.

  1. Lightweight Upright Model CR49

Known for its beautiful aesthetics, this cirrus product has a lot more to offer. The powerful 12 Amp motor makes sure that all your cleaning endeavors are made easy than ever. The lightweight vacuum cleaner is really convenient to carry. The device comes up with a lot of cirrus vacuum parts ranging from a telescopic metal wand to a 14 inch wood brush roll. The 4 stage filtration system is durable and is created to take care of users allergic to dust, pet hairs etc.

  1. Lightweight Bagged Upright Vacuum C-658

With a 12 Amp smooth-running motor, this device also falls under the visually appealing category. A perfect kind for floor and rug cleaning, it comes with a ‘full bag’ indicator. Again a lightweight, but a powerful device, it is very easy to carry around, maneuver and store.

  1. Bagless Upright Model CR59

CR59 contains a dust cup which is very easy to empty. In addition to this, the 15 inch brush-roll further eases up your cleaning. Your health and that of your loved ones are assured thanks to a must HEPA filtration. The ergonomic handle further assures stress-free cleaning. The headlight and varying speeds make sure that you can clean any time you want and at any speed you like. 

  1. Professional Grade Upright Vacuum CR69A

With a price of $380, CR69A has all the features that would make the device totally worth the money you spent on it. Some of the features include 12 Amp motor, a 12 inch metal brush-roll, the metal handle and bottom etc. All the parts are durable that they will never wear no matter how abrasive is your cleaning surface. The electrostatic filtration system is added to the HEPA type bag and it takes care of small particles and allergens.

The automatic height adjustment mechanism, a plastic telescopic wand and a brilliant headlight would give you an amazing cleaning experience.

Cirrus upright

  1. Domestic Model CR79

CR79 is not like its counterparts. It comes up with a selector switch which enables you to change the mode of cleaning. You can clean different types of surfaces with this device especially carpet cleaning and hardwood floor. The extra comfort and the ease of grip, thanks to the ergonomic handle, makes your cleaning experience a pleasurable one.

cirrus professional grade

The two stage electrostatic filtration system makes sure that only clean air is released back to the environment. This vacuum cleaners boasts of having the most solid construction in the vacuum cleaning world and is built with metal parts.

  1. Performance Pet Edition Model CR99

 We have saved the best for the last. CR99 is an upright vacuum cleaner and is specialized with carbon filtration to subdue odor in addition to the HEPA filtration system. The upholstery brush helps in dealing with pet hair and odor. Here also, you can easily switch the mode of cleaning between hardwood floor and carpet cleaning. The ergonomic handle is made of a material called ABS which is durable and make the appliance easy to use.

cirrus upright vacuum cleaner

As this one is a pet edition appliance, it includes Turbo Powered Hand tool which allows you to conveniently remove all the pet hair at the same time throwing back only the clean air to the environment. The suction power is amazing and comes up with an AMETEK Electric motor which increases the overall durability of the product.

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