What Makes AirFree The Perfect Air Purifier For Asthma Patients?

What Makes AirFree The Perfect Air Purifier For Asthma Patients?

Over the past several decades the constant rise in pollution levels has also led to a significant increase in the number of people suffering from various health issues. The most common of these are the different types of respiratory problems such as asthma. One of the major concerns of people whose loved ones suffer from this ailment is to keep the air and environment within their homes absolutely clean and pollutant free. The best way to ensure the same is by investing in an air purifier that ensures healthy and hygienic air by removing the pollutants and allergens in the most effective manner.

Asthma – The Disease

Asthma is an ailment of the respiratory system, wherein the patients suffer from acute breathlessness, when exposed to specific environments. This inflammatory disease is incurable and patients generally experience asthma attacks when they come in contact with pollutants or allergens present in their surroundings that enhance the condition of reduced airflow to the lungs. During an asthma attack, the patients show symptoms of wheezing, which is producing a whistle like sound while breathing, tightness in the chest and coughing in addition to extreme breathlessness. If not attended to in a timely and proper manner, an asthma attack can even prove fatal.

Some Common Causes Of Asthma

Even though asthma is known to affect people of all age groups, it is more common in children and young people. There is no single cause that can be identified for a person getting this disease. However, environmental and genetic factors have been identified as the major reasons behind the rapid pace at which the disease is spreading. It is believed that long term exposure to polluted environments, especially air containing smoke emitted from burning tobacco and firewood, inhalable chemicals, pollen and other allergens etc can cause asthma. In addition, breathing in air that can affect an individual’s airways and make them swollen and inflamed, for long periods of time can also cause asthma.

The Solution

Although asthma is an incurable ailment, it is possible for people suffering from the same to enjoy a normal and active life. The key is to ensure good treatment and management of the disease by reducing exposure to environment that tends to worsen the symptoms of the disease. Installing a good quality air purifier at their homes and offices, such as the one from AirFree, can help in keeping the air around the asthma patients a lot healthier and hygienic. In addition, lifestyle changes such as integrating proper diet and enough exercise into everyday routine can also help the patients live a healthy and fit life.

Why AirFree

AirFree air purifiers are well known for their efficiency and effectiveness in removing the various allergens that can cause asthma. They are designed to incinerate microorganisms present in the environment while also removing any mold, dust or even pet allergens that might accentuate asthma symptoms. These high quality air purifiers feature a ceramic center that operates at very high temperatures to destroy any microbes or pollutants present in the air passing through it, to create a refreshingly clean and hygienic environment. Every AirFree air purifier unit is made to undergo different tests not only to provide the best efficiency, but also to ensure noiseless operation with minimal maintenance.

AirFree Air Purifier - A Healthy Investment

Buying an AirFree air purifier proves to be an intelligent decision in more than one ways. It not only helps in creating a healthy and pollution free environment, but also provides great value for money. Its maintenance free operation ensures that users don’t having to worry about getting the device serviced after a regular time period. It is extremely lightweight and stylish and extremely easy to use. Most importantly, it is quite energy efficient and hence truly cost-effective.  

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