What Is A Reasonable Price For A Good, Long Lasting Vacuum Cleaner?

What Is A Reasonable Price For A Good, Long Lasting Vacuum Cleaner?

When it comes to household appliances and gadgets, vacuum cleaners are an integral part of the cleaning tools used for keeping homes and office spaces clean and dirt free. Over the years the number and types of cleaners available in the market has increased exponentially making it increasingly difficult for people to choose the right one. Thankfully, there are several vacuum cleaner buying guidelines available online to help buyers make the right decision. The one thing that is stressed upon in almost every set of guideline is the pricing of the cleaner in comparison with the features and functionality offered by it. Most often a good vacuum cleaner that can last for more than 5 to 10 years will have a starting price of $200 and above.

Need To Focus On Pricing

Most people, who use vacuum cleaners, expect these devices to last really long. However, the cheap vacuum cleaners being made available at big box stores are often designed to last no more than a couple of years. As such the buyers tend to feel frustrated or even cheated when their appliance develops operational issues only after a few years of use. This is especially true if the buyers spend a fortune on buying the appliance and have to replace it within a few years only. That is why it is important to be aware of the factors that affect the cost of the cleaner both at the time of purchase and in the long run.


  • Cleaning Technology Used: A good and long lasting vacuum cleaner will generally feature the latest cleaning technology so as to pick up maximum dirt, dust and debris with minimal effort. In most cases, such cleaners will be somewhat expensive but their long life and efficiency makes them worth every dime of the cost.
  • Level Of Sophistication: Modern vacuum cleaners are quite sophisticated in general, but then there are appliances that are even better. These devices offer the flexibility of cleaning across multiple surfaces, robotic operation and using less power, which tends to make them costly. But once the buyers get such an appliance their cleaning woes are resolved for years on end.
  • Ø Power Consumed By Appliance: The growing energy costs also play an important role in the pricing of a vacuum cleaner.For appliances that are provided with heavy motors, the energy bills can prove to be too costly even if the cleaners themselves are inexpensive. At the same time a low wattage motor should provide enough suction to ensure thorough cleaning without increasing the energy bills too much.

Enhancing The Life Of Vacuum Cleaners

There is no denying the fact that finding a cheap and efficient vacuum cleaner that also offers a long life is almost impossible. However, enhancing the life of a good cleaner further to get more value for money lies in the hands of the users. Given below are some tips that help in making good cleaners last really long and thus prove to be good investment for the users.

  • Regularly changing bags and filters: Vacuum bags and filters play a vital role in maintaining the efficiency of a cleaner. By changing the bags and cleaning the removable and washable filters regularly,users can ensure that their cleaner continues to offer optimum performance year after year and helps them recover the high price they had to pay to buy the device at first.
  • Do regular component checkup: Checking the various components of the cleaners regularly to ensure that they are not damaged or spoiled in any manner can also help to enhance the life of the cleaners. Replacing the damaged components in a timely manner can prevent any further damage to the appliance and even improve its performance.
  • Check what goes inside: Users need to understand that even the best heavy duty vacuum cleaners are not designed to pick up objects like straws, cigar butts, wet mat threads or other such things. Another important factor that reduces the lifespan of cleaners is the suction of moisture that can gradually erode the internal components and cause irreparable damage.

Some Good Cleaners That Are Reasonably Priced

Given below are the details of the three renowned vacuum brands that offer great efficiency and log life at a reasonable price

Miele Cleaners:
Miele is a renowned German brand that offers vacuum cleaning appliances to meet the diverse needs of the users. The brand is known for its superior air filtration system that ensures hygienic cleaning of home and office spaces. Every model of this cleaner is tested to provide more than 20 years of life with proper use and maintenance, which fully justifies the pricing range of $300 and above for different models. The devices are designed to provide efficient and lightweight operation so as to make thorough cleaning an effortless task. The sleek design and multiple tool sets make the appliance perfect for cleaning diverse surfaces.

Dyson Cleaners
: Dyson is one of the most trusted and renowned brands in the vacuum cleaning industry. At the same time, it is also amongst one of the costliest vacuum brands available in the market. However,the features and functionality offered by the cleaners of this brand justify its pricing which in some cases goes beyond $600. These appliances offer a great suction power which makes them capable of picking up even the minutest dust particles and pet hair from a variety of surfaces. The multiple cleaning tools offered with each appliance make cleaning of difficult to reach places and tight spaces quite easy.

Riccar Cleaners
: The efficiency and great suction power offered by Riccar cleaners, in addition to their long life has made this brand a popular choice among vacuum buyers. The appliances are known for their advanced air filtration systems and variety of on board tools that make cleaning easy. In addition, these appliances feature the revolutionary Tandem Air technology that makes picking up dirt, debris and pet hair a totally effortless task. The cleaners from this brand also fall in the high price category and since they offer unparalleled efficiency for years, most people do not complain about the cost of these long lasting cleaners. 

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