The Best Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner On The Market

The Best Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner On The Market

Vacuum cleaners have become an important cleaning tool used in homes and offices for ensuring a dust free and hygienic environment. However, all cleaning needs cannot be met by the larger vacuums, which is why the popularity of handheld vacuum has been steadily growing. These vacuums are not only easy to use but also are quite lightweight and compact. This makes them the perfect choice for cleaning spaces like the interiors of cars and stair case raisers etc. In fact, these vacuums come quite handy in households with small kids, as they can help clean the usual spills and dirt in a effortless manner.

Contrary to the popular belief, handheld vacuums almost the same efficiency as any larger vacuum. Their being lightweight proves to be an additional advantage as it makes them easy to carry around. Their powerful suction also ensures that the even the smallest particles of dirt and grime are picked up from the surfaces to be cleaned. This level of efficiency and ease of use is also offered by some models of stick vacuum cleaners. Given below are the details of some of the most efficient hand held and stick vacuums available in the market.

  1. Carpet Pro SCT -1.2 Handheld Vacuum   

The SCT-1.2 is a compact and smartly designed vacuum from Carpet Pro that offers great efficiency and ease of use. The cleaner comes with a collection of tools and accessories that make cleaning in hard to reach places extremely easy and effortless given its portability and lightweight.    The appliance is powered by a 600 watt motor and features a washable filter that can be easily removed and cleaned to avoid jamming of the motor. The high suction power of the appliance ensures that it is able to remove all dust and grime in effectively leaving the cleaned spaces spotless and fresh looking.

  1. Dirt Devil Corded Hand Vac For Pets

For people struggling with the issues of pet hair and allergens, this sleek appliance from Dirt Devil is just perfect. The powerful brush operated by a 7 Amp motor is capable of efficiently sucking up the pet hair, food spills and even kitty litter from a wide variety of surfaces.  The appliance is provided with the HEPA filtration system that traps 99.97% allergens and the bagless vacuum features the Easy Empty dirt cup. The clean air system with motor guard as well as the 5 piece tool set makes the task of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment a relatively simple and effortless task.

  1. Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Cleaner #M08230 RED

This powerful and lightweight handheld vacuum from Dirt Devil is known for the convenience it offers to the users. The appliance has a 6” cleaning path and uses AC current to operate the motorized brushroll. The cleaner is provided with Microfresh filtration system for a dust free and healthy environment. The appliance features the innovative on board tool storage for hassle free storage of the crevice tool and 2’stretch hose. The appliance is extremely effective for cleaning tight spaces as well as different types of floors and furniture. The plastic body not only makes the device lightweight but also prevents any damage to the cleaning surface.

  1. Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Cleaner Bagless #M0100

This stylish and efficient hand held cleaner from Dirt Devil features powerful motorized brush that is capable of removing even the most stubborn stains and pet hair tangled into the cleaning surface. The easy to empty bagless dirt cup ensures that the users do not have to dirty their hands while getting rid of the accumulated dust. The high quality HEPA filtration system provides a clean and hygienic environment by trapping almost 100% of the accumulated dust and allergens. The appliance is also provided with 5 piece tool set that help to efficiently clean a variety of surfaces including upholstery, drapes and even the car interiors.

  1. Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Bagless Handheld Vacuum #SD20005

This smart and compact handheld cleaner from Dirt Devil is powered by a 7 Amp motor that produces enough suction to pick up even sand and pebbles. Its bagless design ensures easy use and maintenance while the Quick Flip crevice tool enables efficient cleaning of even the tightest spaces. Despite its light-weight, the appliance is provided with a shoulder strap to ensure greater convenience for the users. The other tools provided with the appliance include a dusting brush and a hose. It is just the thing users need to clean their workshops, cars or even homes in a thorough and effortless manner.

  1. Fuller Brush Mini Maid Handheld Vacuum With Tools

This smart and sleek looking device from Fuller Brush is powered by a 600 watt motor and produces a big boost of cleaning power. The appliance features a washable filter that can be removed and cleaned quite easily while the quick release dust cap makes it easy for the users to release the accumulated dirt without getting their hands dirty. The appliance comes with a variety of tools including the crevice tool, upholstery brush, dusting brush and a flexible hose for a holistic cleaning experience. The appliance is extremely lightweight and hence proves quite easy to carry around especially while cleaning cars and boats.

  1. Fuller Brush Power Maid Handheld Vacuum With Power Brush

This easy to use and powerful hand held vacuum cleaner from Fuller Brush offers the advantage of a sleek and lightweight design. It is extremely effective and capable of handling the most challenging cleaning tasks in an effortless manner. The appliance features a washable HEPA media filter and a removable dust cup for truly hygienic cleaning. The long hose and the power brush enable removal of dirt and dust from difficult to reach places. In addition, the on board tools are designed for thorough cleaning across diverse surfaces and prove extremely useful for removing dirt, grime and even pet hair from upholstery, carpet and car interiors.

  1. Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid Broom Vacuum

This stick vacuum cleaner from Fuller Brush is designed for people who love to have a sparkling and spotless home. The cleaner glides smoothly across diverse surfaces while picking up every bit and speck of dust and grime. The telescopic handle enables thorough cleaning while the crevice tool makes it possible to remove dirt and debris from tight spaces. The wide 10.5 inch cleaning path helps to easily pick up anything spilled or scattered on the surface quite effortlessly. The appliance is provided with a HEPA media filter which ensures a hygienically clean environment while the easy to empty dust bin of relatively high capacity saves time.

  1. Miele Swing H1 Quickstep

The sleek and stylish design of this stick vacuum cleaner from Miele does not hamper its power or performance in any manner. The appliance is powered by a 1000 watt vortex motor that can operate at a max and min speed. The noiseless appliance is provided with an Air Clean filter along with Intensive Clean Plus filter dustbag. It also features an optional HEPA filter for hygienic cleaning. The vacuum is provided with multiple tools to offer through cleaning across diverse surfaces and difficult to reach places in an easy and effortless way. It is perfect for cleaning homes, cars, RV’s and even campers.

  1. Royal Commercial Sweeper

This sleek looking and compact stick cleaner from Royal is designed to offer the advantage of quiet operation and easy maneuverability. The appliance is designed for commercial use which makes it capable of picking up even the most stubborn dirt and debris quite effortlessly. It is provided with 8 rubber blades and edge cleaning bristles that superior agitation for thorough cleaning. The smooth glide feature ensures that the cleaner does not damage the surfaces while being operated. The foldable metal handle makes for easy wall storage, when not in use. It is a perfect device for holistic cleaning especially on bare floors and low-pile carpets.

  1. Royal Pro Series Bagless Corded Hand Vac
This sleek and stylish handheld vacuum cleaner from Royal is just perfect for carrying out deep cleaning. The appliance is powered by a 7 Amp motor that generates enough suction to pick up almost anything in its paths including debris and pet hair. The motorized brushroll along with the various attachments provided with the appliance ensure greater cleaning flexibility, especially in nooks and corners. The 6.5 inch nozzle simplifies the heavy cleaning tasks making them quite effortless. It also comes with bagless dirt cups that are quite easy to empty and the washable HEPA filter ensures a hygienic environment by trapping 99.97% dust particles.

  1. Royal Pro Series Corded Stick Vac

The stylishly designed stick vacuum cleaner from Royal is powered by a 2 Amp motor and features a brush roll having cyclonic technology. The brush roll can be shut off which makes the task of cleaning hard surfaces extremely simple. The swivel steering and non-marring wheels ensure easy maneuverability without damaging the surfaces in any way. The appliance comes with a 2 layer micro filtration system and bottom release dirt cup which is designed from transparent material enabling the users to see when it needs to be emptied. Its low profile base ensures easy cleaning beneath furniture and other surfaces with a lower bottom.

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