What Are The Different Types Of Home Air Purifiers And How You Should Select The Best One?


The fact that home environments are becoming increasingly polluted and unfit for healthy living is quite well known. This has naturally led to an increase in the demand for devices that help in removing the various pollutants from the air and making it clean and hygienic. Home air purifiers are the most popular of such devices designed to make the air free from particles of dust, allergens and other pollutants. These innovative devices offered an effective means of controlling the contamination levels of indoor air and making it suitable for breathing.

These appliances are available in all shapes and sizes to meet the diverse air purification needs of users. Users can buy the devices designed to clean the air of a single room or their entire home, based on their preference and budget. However, in order to choose the best appliance that meets their needs, users must first gain information about their different types available in the market. Given below are the details of the four main types of purifiers that users can choose from.

Home air purifiers

Electronic Purifiers

Electronic air cleaners are quite effective in getting rid of extremely small particles of pollutants besides removing harmful bacteria, eliminating fumes and minimising foul smells. As such these devices are just perfect for a household where the residents have the habit of smoking or which have a basic air purification needs. However, these appliances are not able to actually terminate the germs to getting rid of the chemicals present in the air. Rather, they use electronic filters to trap the germs and pollutants and when the filter is full, it needs to be replaced. It is the device of choice for people who desire a cleaner and hygienic air for a healthier living within their home.

Best air purifiers

Electrostatic Purifiers

These devices feature advanced technology to remove the pollutants from the air inside homes and leave it clean and hygienic. They apply an electric charge to the pollutant particles present in the air to attract them towards a negatively charged metal plate placed inside the filter. These appliances help in removing a variety of air contaminants including odours, bacteria and microorganisms and mould and mildew. Given the complicated design and structure of these purifiers, it is advisable to get them installed by a professional technician only. Although, they are not that energy efficient, the extremely high level of purification they are capable of, make them a great appliance to invest in.

Air purifiers

HEPA Purifiers

These appliances, such as Airfree air purifier, offer the highest levels of efficiency in terms of providing a cleaner and pollution free air within a closed space. Their level of efficiency can be ascertained from the fact that they were used to remove dangerous radioactive particles from the air after World War II. With the advances in technology, these appliances have now become capable of removing more than 99% pollutants from the air. The pollutants that can be removed include dust, smoke, pet dander, mould, bacteria, pollen and even smells. These devices are extremely suitable for households having people suffering from respiratory ailments and allergies caused by pollutants.

Ionic Purifiers

These devices work on the same principle as the electrostatic purifiers and are capable of removing dust particles, pollen, smoke, bad odours and even viruses from the air. The negatively charged metal plate placed inside the unit keeps the pollutants trapped leaving the air fresh and hygienic. In addition, they also leave behind a nice and pleasant smell which helps in uplifting the spirits of the people in the space.

Home air purifiers

Tips to buy The Best Device

Choosing the right type of purifier for their home is often a difficult and confusing task for most individuals. The following tips can help to simplify this task.

  • The users should take into consideration the purification levels they expect from the device. The higher the level of purification, the more they will have to pay for the device.

  • The energy efficiency of the appliance can also prove to an important deciding factor. It is important to understand that energy efficiency is not necessarily decided by the cost of the appliance.

  • The maintenance needs of the appliance should also be taken into consideration as it determines the total cost effectiveness of the appliance. In addition, users should also gain information about the easy availability of spares and accessories.

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