Vacuuming Tips That Can Help To Keep The Carpets Spotlessly Clean And Fresh Looking

Vacuuming Tips That Can Help To Keep The Carpets Spotlessly Clean And Fresh Looking

Carpets are an important home furnishing accessory as they help to add a sense of warmth and grace to any space. They also enhance the décor and level of comfort of a space, especially if they are well maintained and cared for in a proper manner. Most people feel that vacuuming regularly is enough to maintain the spotlessly clean look of their carpets. However, this is not entirely true as even regular vacuuming cannot thoroughly clean the carpets when it is not done in a proper manner. In order to get the best cleaning results for their carpets, homeowners can follow the below mentioned vacuuming tips to help enhance their beauty and life.

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Choice Of Vacuum Cleaner : The fist and the most important thing that homeowners need to ensure is that they choose the most appropriate device for cleaning their carpets. Most renowned brands offer several models of cleaners designed specifically to provide comprehensive carpet cleaning. Devices like Hoover carpet cleaner, or Miele Twist or even Dyson V6 are extremely effective in cleaning the carpets in thorough manner and leaving them looking totally neat and dirt free. Most importantly they carry out this task without damaging the carpet in any manner of reducing its brilliance and pile density.


Section Wise Cleaning : In case of large carpeted spaces, it is better to divide the entire area into smaller sections and thoroughly clean one section first before moving to the next. It is also advisable to start vacuuming from the corner farthest from the door and move backwards so that the area that has been cleaned once does not becoming dirty due to users steeping on it again and again. Users should also pay special attention to areas that receive more traffic in the form of people sitting or moving their feet. The best way to clean these areas is by vacuuming in a criss-cross pattern with overlapping strokes to ensure proper removal of dust, dirt and debris.

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Avoid Vacuuming In A Rush : Users should make sure that they choose to vacuum the carpets when they have ample time to do so. Cleaning the carpets at a fast speed does not prove effective in removing dust and dirt particles that might have become embedded deep into its threads. Often, deep piled carpets cannot be cleaned thoroughly in just a single pass of even the best carpet cleaner appliance. Rather, most plush carpets require multiple passes carried out in slow and deliberate motions to make them thoroughly clean by removing the dirt and dust that has settled deep into its threads.

Use Appropriate Attachments And Settings : The users should make sure that they apply proper settings on the vacuum cleaning device along with the most appropriate attachment for cleaning the carpets of different pile densities. This will not only ensure proper cleaning of the rugs but will also keep them safe from damage causes by excessive suction or  even the threads getting entangles in parts of attachments. In case the users are not aware of which settings and attachments the best, they should either refer to the user manuals provided with the device or should seek the advice of a professional carpet cleaning expert.


Verify If The Cleaner Is Working Properly : Finally, it is important for the users to verify that their vacuum cleaner is in top working condition even before they start the cleaning task. The users should check whether or not the cleaner produces proper suction and check its hose and filters for indications of clogging. In addition the users should also check the dust bags and replace them if they are more than half full to prevent any leakage of blocking of the cleaner.

Other Useful Tips

In addition to the vacuuming tips mentioned above, the users should also consider the following to keep their carpets clean and healthy.

  • Any spills or stains should be immediately removed with a good quality stain remover recommended by professional cleaners so as to cause minimal damage to the carpet.
  • Any items that can obstruct the cleaning process, such as toys and other small object etc should be removed from the carpet before starting the vacuuming task.
  • Avoid walking on the carpets wearing shoes that the users also wear for going out of the house to reduce the dirt buildup.
  • Keep changing the position of the furniture so that the carpets do not wear out only in specific areas while remaining damage free in others.
  • Use mats at all entry points into the house to minimize the outdoor dirt and grime from dirtying the carpets and spoiling their look.

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