Essential Care And Maintenance Tips To Keep The Hardwood Floors Looking Refreshingly New

Essential Care And Maintenance Tips To Keep The Hardwood Floors Looking Refreshingly New

There is no denying the fact that having hardwood floors is quite a magnificent yet costly investment. There is also a common perception that keeping these floors clean and damage free is an extremely difficult task. However, with a properly established and stringently followed cleaning routine, maintaining the grace and beauty of these floors is not that difficult. The simplest key to hardwood floor care is to keep it free from dirt and grime and avoid indulging in activities that can damage the wooden surface in any manner. This can be better understood by going through the below discussed hardwood floor care and maintenance tips.

Sweep, Dust And Vacuum : Homeowners who want their hardwood floors to keep looking good for generations need to follow a cleaning routine. This includes removing the dirt and grime buildup on the floor by sweeping it with a soft bristled broom, on a daily basis. Alternately, the home owners can use a dust mop to remove the dirt from the floor. In addition to this daily cleaning routine, the homeowners need to make sure that they vacuum the floors at least once a week with a good quality vacuum cleaner designed for hardwood surfaces. Depending on the volume of traffic, homeowners, might need to do the vacuum more than once a week to keep the wooden surface squeaky clean and healthy.

Take Ample Preventive Measures : In most cases the damage caused to hardwood floors is not due to lack of proper cleaning but rather the lack of proper measures to prevent damage. Allowing people to barge into the home wearing shoes that might have damaged heels or small pebbles and other rough particles sticking to the soles is one of biggest reasons for hardwood floor damage. This can be easily prevented by placing really long doormats at all entry points and banning outside shoes to be brought inside the house. In addition, homeowners can use protective window coverings to prevent the damage caused to the floor due to the UV rays from direct sunlight or use rugs and throws to cover the exposed areas.

Handle Furniture And Pets With Care :  Another prominent cause of damage to hardwood floors are the pets belonging to homeowners. Unlike human family members, pets cannot be made to understand the significance of not scratching the wooden surfaces. So it is extremely important to keep their claws trimmed at all times so that they do not cause unintentional damage to the floors while playing or having fun with their owners. It is also important for the homeowners to ensure that any movement of furniture, irrespective of whether it is heavy or light in weight is not done by sliding it across the floor. This can lead to minor scratches which can turn into major damage with the passage of time. It is also a good idea to get felt or rubber protectors attached to the sharp edges of the furniture so as to minimize any chances of accidental damage.

Use Floor Care Products Only With Professional Advice: It is quite common for homeowners to use off the shelf hardwood floor care products, without ascertaining whether or not they will prove beneficial for the surface. Sadly, most such products cause greater harm to the surface rather than enhancing its life and appearance. This is because different types of wooden floors have different care needs which cannot be fulfilled by such general purpose products. Therefore it is advisable to use hardwood care products only after seeking proper advice and guidance from professional experts or people who have installed the flooring in the first place.

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Clean Spills And Stains In A Proper Manner:  No matter how hard the homeowners try, spills and stains are bound to happen. But the best thing to do in such situations is to immediately clean them in a proper manner. Homeowners should always keep a good quality hardwood floor cleaner handy so that they can easily remove the stains before they instill too deep into the surface and spoil its look. In case of liquid spills, they should soak it up immediately with a dry mop or tissue. Many time homeowners might need to get some sticky things off the surface, in which case they should ensure that the substance is hardened enough so that it can be easily scratched off without damaging the floor.

Implementing the above tips can helps in keeping the hardwood floors clean and damage free year after year. In addition it will also reduce the stress of maintaining the beauty and appeal of these surfaces across generations, making the investment of homeowners truly cost effective.

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