Understanding The Link Between Allergies, Air Purifiers And A Healthy Lifestyle

Understanding The Link Between Allergies, Air Purifiers And A Healthy Lifestyle

According to a study, air pollution alone is responsible for more than 5 million deaths around the globe each year. However, contrary to the popular belief, the outdoor air pollution is not the only reason behind so many people losing their lives. Rather, the polluted air that people breathe in within their seemingly clean home and office environments is to be equally blamed. Sadly a majority of the population is not only completely ignorant but also unwilling to accept the fact that the air inside their homes and offices can actually prove far more dangerous than the air outside. This is despite the rapidly increasing number of people suffering from different types of allergies even with minimal exposure to the polluted air outside. Buying An Air Purifier - What You Must Consider?

Relation Between Allergies And Air Pollution

Allergies are often defined as the extreme reactions of the immune system of an individual towards the presence of specific elements and substances within the environment. In most cases, these elements and substances known as allergens, are generally quite harmless but might cause various health issues ranging from rashes to difficulty in breathing, amongst some individuals. Earlier most allergens were restricted to specific components of food or natural products, but with the growing pollution levels, the allergens have expanded to include various by-products of human development which make the air unfit for breathing and lead to major health issues. Home Air Purifiers – An Effective Solution To The Growing Problem Of Indoor Air Pollution.

aeris air purifiers

Aeris air purifier

There is a deep link between the significant rises in allergies with the level of pollution in the air. This is because the   as the pollution level grows, so does the number and type of allergens present in it. This naturally expands the number of individuals who are affected by these allergens exponentially. The trend is further enhanced by the poor lifestyles followed by most people today, which go on to weaken the immune system thus making their bodies extra sensitive towards the allergens. The most common allergens generally include the various gases produced as a result of burning fossil fuels, components of pesticides, insect sprays, paint or tar and even smoke besides the wide variety of bacteria, viruses, pollen, mites and mold already present in the air.

Airpura air purifiers

Airpura UV600 Air Purifer with UV Lamp

How Using An Air Purifier Can Prove Beneficial

As mentioned before the indoor air pollution often proves to be more dangerous for people prone to allergies. This is because, the allergens contained in the indoor air have far lesser space to disperse and get decimated in a natural manner. On the contrary, the allergens present in indoor air are often found to be more potent and significantly greater in numbers than the ones present in outdoor air. The best way to get rid of these allergens in an effective manner is for the people to invest in a good quality home air purifier capable of eliminating a wide variety of pollutants and allergens.

These devices are designed to improve the indoor air quality within any closed space to make it more hygienic and safe for breathing. They are fitted with the right accessories, which primarily include best quality air filters, to not only trap the various allergens present in the air but also prevent them from leaking back into the environment. The latest air purifiers are even capable of eliminating odors, smoke and even bacteria and viruses that might be present in the air. It is these features that have become a necessary home appliance for people living in highly polluted urban centers across the globe. 

Healthy Lifestyles With Hygienic Air

The importance of clean air free from pollutants and allergens cannot be undermined to ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle. This single fact is what drives top brands like Airpura Air Purifiers manufacturers to provide the most efficient devices that can help the users to effectively control the quality of air they breathe while remaining indoors. These high performance devices are sucking in the polluted air and release it back into the surrounding after making it free of any contaminants that can have harmful health effects. By ensuring a healthier life for the users, these appliances help to naturally enhance their happiness quotient and energy levels and thus play a vital role in improving their overall lifestyle. In view of these facts, investing in a high quality air purifier, such as the ones offered by Airpura, is definitely a wise decision and one that is essential for healthy living.

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