The Must Know Tricks And Tips For Hardwood Floor Care And Maintenance

The Must Know Tricks And Tips For Hardwood Floor Care And Maintenance

It is a well known fact that keeping the wooden flooring clean and well maintained is not a simple task. However, with the right upkeep these floors prove to be an object of great pride for any homeowner, which is why most of them do not mind the extra bit of work required. Apart from cleaning the surfaces in the proper manner with the most suitable hardwood floor care products Virginia, it is also important for the homeowners to make conscious efforts to ensure preventive maintenance. This not only helps in making the task of cleaning these surfaces relatively easier but also reduces the risk of damage to these elegant surfaces.

Given below are some useful tips that can help the homeowners to ensure that their wooden floors do not become excessively dirty.

  • One of the most effective ways of reducing the amount of dirt, scuffs and everyday wear and tear of these surfaces is to avoid wearing shoes within the house. A shoe rack can be placed right outside the main door to make it convenient for the residents in case they need to go out.
  • Another effective method of preventive maintenance is to use mats both inside and outside all the exit points of the house. These mats can trap a large amount of dirt stuck to the feet of the residents when they enter into the house minimizing the buildup of dirt and debris on the wooden floors.
  • In order to prevent the damage caused by furniture, homeowners can use floor protectors around the sharp edges of the furniture, especially the furniture having metal on the surfaces closest to the wooden floor.
  • Another major cause of damage to wooden floors in homes having small children, are the toys that are left lying around. This problem is best solved by using rugs and carpets to cover floor in the play area meant for kids to avoid any scratches or marks on the floor.
  • It is also important for the homeowners to ensure that they keep the nails of their pets trimmed at all times so as to prevent them from scratching the floor unintentionally while moving around or even while playing.

Having become familiar with the preventive maintenance tips, the next step is for the home users to choose the most effective and safe floor care products. The choice of products depends on the objective that the homeowners intend to achieve, namely whether they want to go for basic care, deep cleaning or remove any marks and stains from the floor surface.

The best methods to ensure each of the above are discussed as follows.

Basic Care

The first step for wooden floor basic care is to dust the surface using a mop treated with an appropriate dusting agent. This helps in more efficient removal of dust, dirt, pet hair without damaging the wooden surface in any manner. It is also advisable to vacuum the surfaces with a floor brush attachment on a bi-weekly basis to get better results.

Deep Cleaning

In order to get rid of the dirt, oil, and grime that has build up over a long period of time and cannot be removed with regular dusting and basic care, it is advisable to use good quality wood-cleaning products. Homeowners should use a mop, or a damp cloth that is moistened with the floor cleaner to remove long standing dirt and grime and leave the floor neat and shining.

Removing Marks & Stains

Marks and stains can leave these floors looking dirty and dull. Removing the various marks and stains without damaging the surface of the wooden floors can be an extremely difficult task. However this task can be made easier by choosing an appropriate Bona Pro series hardwood floor cleaner, designed for getting rid of the spots caused due to various reasons. These might include stains caused by liquid spills, heel marks, stains caused by pets or even water marks and oil based stains.

It is important for the homeowners to consider the finish of their wooden floor before selecting the best floor care product. Using the wrong product with the wrong finish can cause the floor to not only take on an even uglier and untidy look but can also cause considerable damage to the wooden surface itself. 

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