How Many Times A Week Should We Vacuum A Carpet?

How Many Times A Week Should We Vacuum A Carpet?

When it comes to keeping a house looking neat and fresh, the cleanliness of the carpets plays a major role. Regular cleaning not only helps in maintaining the beauty of the carpet but also elongates its life. With modern vacuuming devices offering an easy and effortless means of cleaning the carpets, people no longer have to worry about taking time to complete this otherwise cumbersome task. However, most people tend to be confused about the frequency of cleaning the carpets. This is because excessive cleaning can weaken the carpet threads and make it look dull and worn out.

The frequency of vacuuming a carpet within a week depends on a variety of factors discussed below.

Position Of Carpet

The position of carpet often determines the rush of people it will handle every day which in turn determines the number of times it should be vacuumed every week. If the carpet in placed in the main living area of a home, it is likely to receive a lot more footfalls every day as compared to the carpets in other parts of the house. Consequently the amount of dirt, debris and dust accumulated on the carpet is also likely to be quite high. That is why it is okay to vacuum such carpets once every two days.

Type And Size of Family

Another factor that needs to be considered while determining the frequency of vacuuming a carpet is the type and size of the family. Small families with young children and no pets and little social interactions might not need to vacuum their carpets more than once every week. But for large families, families with pets or those having small kids or even extensive social gatherings, vacuuming their carpets more than twice a week might become essential to help maintain the clean and spot free look.

Other Cleaning Routines Adapted

Most people do not rely only on vacuuming to keep their carpets clean by following other cleaning routines. These include brushing the carpets on a daily basis, removing any stains and debris as soon as they are spotted with high quality carpet cleaners. Some people even restrict the use of footwear inside the home and place high pile doormats near entry points to reduce the amount of dirt and debris brought into the house through footwear. When such routines are regularly followed, vacuuming the carpets even once in two weeks proves enough.

In addition to the above factors related to the frequency of using a vacuum cleaner to make a carpet free from dirt and dust, it is also important to keep the following maintenance tips in mind.

  • It is important to use a good quality vacuum cleaner that performs deep cleansing without damaging the carpet by breaking down the fiber.
  • In order to get the best results, it is advisable to run the cleaner at a slow speed and with the right kind of cleaning brush attachment.
  • Users need to understand that 2-3 passes of the appliance are required to clean the carpet sufficiently in case of light soiling while in case of heavy soiling the number of passes required might rise to 7-8. 

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