The Features And Functionality Of Three Most Popular Cirrus Vacuum Cleaners

The Features And Functionality Of Three Most Popular Cirrus Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to choosing extremely convenient and high performing vacuums, most users tend to trust the Cirrus brand. Boasting of a robust design to offer maximum durability and superb efficiency, the appliances from this renowned brand are known to offer the best value for money. In order to make sure that the Cirrus vacuums last really long, the brand manufactures every single part and accessory with the best quality material capable of withstanding high wear and tear. In addition, every single appliance is made to go through numerous quality and performance tests before being offered for sale through renowned stores both in the online market and the physical world.

Cirrus, as a brand, is known for its persistent efforts to enhance the functionality of its devices to offer better results and satisfaction to the customer. It is this customer centric approach that has helped the brand to attain a position amongst the top ranked vacuum cleaner manufacturers across the globe. Discussed below are the features and functionality of the three most popular models of vacuum cleaners offered by Cirrus, which have won the hearts of countless users through their excellent cleaning prowess.

  1. Cirrus CR99 Pet Edition Upright Vacuum

As the name suggests, this is a vacuum designed especially for pet lovers. This deluxe device not only helps pet owners to efficiently get rid of pet hair and odors but also helps them get comprehensive cleaning solutions for their entire house. The Cirrus CR99 Pet Edition Upright Vacuum is provided with various features that help in maintaining cleaner and healthier homes with great ease.

The CR99 pet Edition is powered by a 12 amp double stage motor provided with a variable speed control. The appliance come fitted with a HEPA filtration system in addition to carbon filtration that helps in removing odors. It is also provided with a secondary air filtration system that releases only clean air into the environment. Users can easily choose between carpet and floor cleaning by pressing a switch.

The set of on board tools provided with the cleaner help in enhancing its cleaning versatility. The ergonomic handle is made from highly durable ABS material. The model features quick-draw style tools, including the turbo tool for grapping pet hair. It also features automatic height adjustment function and is provided with a 33’ cord for easy maneuverability of the appliance during cleaning of wide spaces.

  1. Cirrus CR69A Upright Vacuum

This is a vacuum designed to offer the best value for money to the users along with great cleaning satisfaction. The Cirrus CR69A Upright Vacuum is provided with all the features that users might need to keep their homes spotlessly clean and dust free. The use of high quality metals for manufacturing parts likely to undergo greater wear and tear, is indicative of the brand’s commitment to provide long lasting devices that also offer exceptional performance.

Like most other Cirrus cleaners, the CR69A is also powered by a 12 amp motor, which produces enough suction to remove even the most stubborn dust and dirt particles with ease. The 12” metal brush role lasts really long even when it is used on the most abrasive surfaces on regular basis. The electrostatic filtration system along with the HEPA type bag ensures that the accumulated dust and allergen particles remain trapped within the device.

In order to enhance the convenience and ease of use, the appliance is provided with the quick-draw style tools for extensive cleaning. In addition the brilliant headlight, the plastic telescopic wand and the height adjustment switch located conveniently on the handle of the appliance further make using it a child’s play while also ensuring maximum cleaning efficiency.

  1. Cirrus CR79 Upright Vacuum

Considered to be one of the most robust vacuum cleaners available in the market, the Cirrus CR79 Upright Vacuum boasts of high quality metallic parts capable of withstanding extensive wear and tear. This unique vacuum also has the longest shelf life thanks to the presence of metal agitators and ball bearing construction of its motor. It is also designed to meet the diverse cleaning needs of individual users in the most satisfactory manner.

Powered by the usual 12 amp motor, the CR79 comes with a selector switch that enables the users to easily move across carpeted surfaces and bare floors during the cleaning process. The quick-draw style tools not only make for efficient storage of on-board tools but also make them easily accessible. The appliance is also provided with automatic height adjustment system which enables through cleaning across surfaces of different thread heights.

The appliance comes fitted with an electrostatic filtration system, which in turn features a two stage filtration process. The first of these helps to trap the dirt and allergens within the device, while the second helps in releasing clean air back into the surroundings. This ensures that the appliance is safe to use around small children or even adults suffering from any allergies etc.

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