Sick Of Pollution And Want An Air Purifier For Your Home? Check Out Air Free Air Purifiers

Sick Of Pollution And Want An Air Purifier For Your Home? Check Out Air Free Air Purifiers

The increased pollution levels have led to the contamination of the air not only on the outside but well within the confines of our homes. Contrary to what most people believe, the air you breathe inside your home is almost as full of allergens and pollutants as the air on roads or near industrial units. Constant exposure to such air can put you at a risk of becoming a victim of various infections and ailments such as allergies, asthma and respiratory problems. Thankfully, we can easily create cleaner and healthier air within a premise by using good quality air purifiers.

What Are Air Purifiers?

Put in the simplest terms, an air purifier is a device that helps to clean the air within a closed space by removing harmful elements such as pollen, allergens and disease causing germs. A good air purifier is also capable of removing any odors or smells present in the environment leaving the air fresher and healthier. Air purifiers are increasingly become a popular choice for people to prevent the ill effects of the growing pollution on their own well being and the well being of their loved ones.

What Are The Different Types Of Air Purifiers

Depending on your air purification needs, you can choose from a wide variety of these devices available in the market. The purifiers are generally categorized on the basis of their size, purification capabilities, technology used as well as the cost of the device. Another distinguishing feature of the different air purifiers is the type of filter used in the device. The most common types of filters used in various devices include the ionizer, the HEPA filter, the combination ionizer/HEPA filter, the activated carbon filter, and the antibacterial filter.

Which Purifier Is Most Suitable For You?

You need to consider a variety of factors before you can determine which air purifier is best for you. These primarily include the size of the space that needs to be purified, the quality of air within the space, the level and type of purification required and most importantly the need for the presence of any special features in the air purification device. The special features can improve the convenience of operation of the device besides providing you better control over the performance of the purifier.

Air Free Air Purifiers

Your search for a good quality air purifier ends with Air Free. These devices combine the best aspects of technology and design to ensure effective purification for a healthier and cleaner environment. Discussed below are the various features offered by these world class purifiers that are sure to remove your woes about breathing in polluted air.

Are Highly Effective

Air Free air purifiers are designed to remove the pollutants and harmful substances present in the environment in a highly effective manner.  They help to reduce the amount of micro organisms such as bacteria, viruses, mould and dust mite present in the air. In addition they also help in bringing down the quantity of pet allergens, pollen and tobacco odors to make the air cleaner. 

Based On Exclusive Patented Technology

Air Free purifiers are designed in accordance with an exclusive TSS technology. This technology is patented and has been successfully established in more than 50 countries across the globe.

Require Minimal Maintenance

These state of the art purifiers are designed to provide maintenance free operation for years together. This means that you do not need to spend money for replacing the filters or moving parts of your air purifier for several years.

Benefit Of Great Design

The Air Free air purifiers are designed in a highly aesthetic manner to ensure that they blend in perfectly with your home décor and create an overall appealing look.

Noiseless Operation

The use of TSS technology ensures that your Air Free air purifier works in a noiseless manner. This in turn eliminates any chance of disturbance caused by the sound of fans or turbines, which can prove extremely irritating and annoying.

Energy Efficient And Eco-Friendly

You do not need to worry about large energy bills upon using the Air Free purifiers as they are extremely energy efficient and use less than the power consumed for lighting a 60w bulb. They are also highly eco-friendly and do not produce any waste that can prove harmful for the environment.

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