Shark Vs Dyson Upright Vacuum - Know Everything Before Coming To A Conclusion

Shark Vs Dyson Upright Vacuum - Know Everything Before Coming To A Conclusion

So here the debate continues. For a long time, Shark and Dyson are competing against each other. Are you among the one who is confused which one to buy? Are you afraid that you will end up making a wrong choice and would regret later? It is always difficult to make a decision when two products of competing quality are present in the market and you have to buy that same product. The first instinct is always to know each and everything before you make your purchase as this is not a onetime thing. It is going to stay with you for years.

Shark Vacuum Cleaners, known for its exceptionally well suction power and high warranty period is giving a tough competition to Dyson Upright Vacuum which has a strong brand name in the market has made a niche in houses with animals and because of this brand value pulls customer to its store. But the scenario is changing. People are getting conscious of their options and hence here comes a comparison between Shark and Dyson Upright vacuum cleaners.

Here we are making a comparison between Shark Rotator Power-Lift Away (NV652) and Dyson DC65. As is discussed both the brands have proved themselves in technological prowess but you still can make a selection based on your personal preferences.

Suction Power

In terms of suction, Shark rotator gives 270 air watts of suction power on an average whereas Dyson delivers 240 on an average. In terms of suction, the internet is flooded with the videos where the suction power of both are put to test and it is usually the Shark that comes out to be triumphant.

Shark’s advanced cyclonic technology ensures that it is not clogged easily and hence does not lose its suction power over a longer duration of time. Dyson as innovative and evolving it could get comes with the filterless cleaner and so the dust does not clog the air flow. 
But in the end suction power of Shark is better, even though slightly, than the Dyson.


Attachments or Accessories

Well not much to say in this. So I am going to simply list down the attachments and accessories of both.

Shark Rotator supports the following accessories - Crevice Tool, Truepet Mini Motorized Brush, Pet Upholstery tool, accessory bag and Dusting Brush.

Whereas Dyson supports stiff bristle brush, Tangle-free turbine tool, soft dusting brush, Zorb carpet maintenance powder and the multi-angle brush.

Wherever you find attachments of your need, you can chose that over the other. However the function performed by both would be almost similar - CLEANING but still 


Okay, now this is an important one. Shark with 15.6 lbs weight is lighter than 17.35 lbs Dyson. Here the efficient design and the light weight make it an obvious choice of many with large houses and multiple floors as a lightweight Shark vacuum cleaner would be easy to maneuver in stairs as compared to a heavy dyson. Shark reaches hard to reach areas also thanks to its powered lift-away.

Waste carrying capacity

Well here Shark again is a clear winner thanks to its well thought design with 0.852 gallon waste carrying capacity against Dyson’s 0.55 gallons. With less weight and a better waste carrying capacity, Shark is slowly gaining up on Dyson in the race.


Dyson offers a 5 years warranty against Shark’s 7 year warranty which again bring Shark to the limelight and up against Dyson as a strong player. More the warranty, more chances for you to replace your machine if anything goes wrong and hence is an important bargaining chip when it comes to making a decision in the debate of Shark v/s Dyson.


Well! I saved best for the last. Shark Rotator averages at around $240 whereas Dyson’s average price is $399. It is a huge difference which could make Shark the ultimate choice of the customers. Cashing upon its brand value, Dyson so far has been able to survive on such high price. Will it able to do so in the longer run. That is something to be seen in future only.


These are everything we could put in the table for you. Negatives and positives are in front of you and in doing the duty of “Friend, philosopher and guide”, We hope we would be able to help you make up your mind. As a partner in your vacuum journey we have all the parts available for you for both the brands. Remember we are just a call away. Till then Happy cleaning.

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