Riccar Vacuum Cleaners - Another Gem From Pandora’s Box

Riccar Vacuum Cleaners - Another Gem From Pandora’s Box

Doing Vacuum Cleaner hunting? Totally confused which company to go for? Wondering which one is best for you? Well! Red Vacuums, your “Friend, Philosopher and Guide” has come up with another review to help you make a better choice. We know buying a vacuum cleaner is an important decision after all, “Brooms will come and go, but your Vacuum cleaner will stay.”

Riccar, a company known for its exceptionally high quality vacuum cleaners makes vacuum cleaners for both home and commercial use. It is a California based company being in the business for over 50 years. Widely known for selling credible Vacuum Cleaners over the years, Performance is at the core of each and every appliance that Riccar has ever made. Their goal - “The First Name in Vacuums That Last” proves that they are in for a long run creating a loyal customer base over all these years. Riccar Upright vacuum cleaners use a patented Tandem Technology which is a combination of two different motors to give extraordinary cleaning power. Here are the quick pros and cons:


1.   First and foremost are longer shelf lives. Yes they are literally for the long run. They are durable and if serviced properly would be as good as new for at least 10 years. You will get bored with your Riccar but it would not break down.

2.   It is a saviour which is always ready to the rescue of your carpets. It is perfect for people living near sandy area. It is highly capable in removing all that embedded dirt and pet hair from your carpet.

3.   Its hose provides you unbelievably high suction strength which helps you to clean the hard-to-reach places as well.

4.   It is very easy to maneuver across a table and it would not scratch your marble or hardwood floor.

5.   The vacuum bag can be easily removed and replaced. The sensors on the handle tell you when to change the bag also.


1.   The full sized vacuum cleaners can feel little heavy to handle and hence drag across the house. You need to get them a lift making it more bulky.

2.   If you take midsize canisters, they would have less power and hence would not have enough suction strength to pull off all the dirt and hair embedded in the carpet.

3.   They are a little loud on your ears while vacuuming. So you will need ear muffs sometimes to save yourself the headache of a constant noise around the house.

4.   The manual height adjustment switch is hard to reach. And if you are short and cute like me then that is even more problematic. Kidding :P It has nothing to do with your height (wink)

 Overall I still would give thumbs up to Riccar Vacuum Cleaner. I have seen people saying, “Once a Riccar, Always a Riccar.” Many customers come to take even their 3rd Riccar which speaks of its exceptionally loyal customer base. It can last as long as 15 years if being serviced on a yearly basis and still you would not want to let it go and buy a new one.

Your dearest Red Vacuums sells Riccar Vacuum Filters and bags also in a store near you. Standing right beside you in your journey with your beloved vacuum cleaner right from the buying to servicing to repairing and finally to replacing it with a brand new one. You got me right. You can trade your old Riccar with a brand new Vacuum Cleaner and get a lucrative discount. Till then, Happy Cleaning!

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