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Pet Odor - Free Home

Why do you tell your kids to brush their teeth daily, bathe daily and not to play in dirty surroundings? In order to stay clean and healthy and of course you don’t want them to be surrounded by any type of bad odour. What do you do? Make sure that they are clean at all times by all means available.

If you are so worried about your kids then why not to leave your pet’s odour free, as well. Would you like your child to stink of bad breath, body odour?  If not then why pets? They are an integral part of our family system. Does it really matter if it is trash that smells or the pet or simply the smell of mildew, odours will always be odour and they are simply non tolerable. But in case of pet odours we need to be little extra vigilant.

Pet odours generally fall into two categories:

  • Pet body odours: from the body of the pet itself
  • Habitat odours: caused by the pet living in your home

Many a time it might have happened that you visit someone’s house and you smell their pet, even before you see them? Pet odor is unpleasant and very strong; it can be awkward for both you and the host. Unfortunately, the odor of your pet can cling to flooring, furnishing and even the atmosphere in your home. Controlling their smell is quite challenging; especially during the winter when our pets spend more time inside the house.

People with many pets, always worry about the smell and have to tackle odour issues every day. The first step to begin with is to develop a course of action.  


Cleaning The Pets

As a part of personal hygiene it is best to have a regular bathing routine. Pets enjoy showers, and pressure of shower helps in keeping off dust of their body. Additionally, finding the proper shampoo is important because like humans, not all shampoos work for all pets. Since option of all-natural shampoo is available better use that. Speak to your veterinarian about finding the best grooming products to avoid the issue.

Precautionary Measures

Routine cleaning of ears and brushing their teeth can contribute to your pet’s well-being, it also helps to control pet odour. Dogs with hanging ears need regular cleanings as air circulation is less, which can cause yeast to build-up in the ear canal. This can also cause unpleasant odor as well as an ear infection. Ask your veterinarian what preventive measures you can take to help prevent pet odor.

Bedding The Source

Pet bedding can be a house of smell and should be washed regularly.  Home based cleaning remedies can be more effective if regularly used like Wash bedding in hot water and add white vinegar to the rinse cycle to remove any lingering smells. You can buy Crypton fabric bedding which is disinfectable.


Restrict Odor Causing Activities

To minimize the odour you can take basic steps like:

  • Feed your pets in one room
  • Wash feeding utensils at least once a day
  •  Changing water few times a day 

Moreover, if you have a puppy or a senior dog that uses a wee pad, keep your pet potty areas out of the house. Develop and maintain a routine of washing your pet, maintaining his health as well as cleaning his bedding and other accessories regularly will reduce odour.


No matter how you tackle odour problem, make sure you are not unknowingly harming your pet with toxic chemical solutions. Commercial deodorizers and other cleaning materials are easily available in the market. Some really work well in cleaning the troublesome area. In that case you can surely trust some home remedies they might not be that effective as commercial products but would surely not harm you pets. Try these homemade cleaning remedies for cleaning and removing pets.

  1. Vinegar – Baking soda spray: This mixture might work wonders for you. It is simple and inexpensive and works on stains and bad odour. Baking soda is natural odor remover, and when mixed with vinegar, does a great job at getting rid of odors.
  1. Lemon: The natural citric acidity in lemon juice is more than enough to take care of carpet odor. Mix some fresh lemon juice with water and apply to the affected areas. Scrub the solution with a piece of cloth. Make sure the carpet is completely dry after rinsing.

A commercial way is to use a perfumed product to help neutralize the smell, make sure that it is non-toxic to animals. Products that are safe for humans does not mean that they are safe for pets too. Before you hire an expensive odour removal professional, let's take control of those odours before they take control of you. Whatever remedies you use or precautions you take, just keep in mind it’s a regular process to follow and it’s a fight forever.

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