10 Reasons You Should Buy Riccar Vacuum Cleaners

10 Reasons You Should Buy Riccar Vacuum Cleaners
  1. Riccar Vacuums are built in the USA, St. James, Missouri with durability and exceptional cleaning in mind.
  1. Riccar offers a wide selection of upright and canister vacuums. The upright category includes vacuums such as the 8 lbs upright vacuums, Clean Air uprights with attachments and revolutionary Tandem Air uprights which combine two technologies: direct air and by-pass motor in one vacuum.

In the past there were two types of vacuum cleaner technologies: direct air machines (which cleaned carpets incredibly well) and clean air machines (that offered advanced filtration and the convenience of on-board tools).  Unfortunately, none of those vacuum technologies offered everything in one machine.  That was until the engineers at Riccar wondered what would happen if they combined the two previous cleaning technologies in one vacuum.  The result was a vacuum that offered better cleaning performance than anyone had ever seen and featured an advanced filtration and the convenience of on-board tools … Tandem Air vacuums were born.

  1. More metal parts are used for durability and longevity.
  1. Longer manufacture warranties, ranging from 3 to 7 years comprehensive warranties that cover parts and labor.
  1. Riccar vacuums have metal or wood agitator roller brush not plastic, which gives deeper cleaning and very low maintenance. If you are a pet owner you can never go wrong with a Riccar machine because bristles on the roller brush are made of Teflon not nylon as you may find them on most vacuum cleaners. This feature gives a better pick-up of pet and human hair and the bristles last longer, too. Again, you’re saving on maintenance.
  1. Red carpet plans included. Most models have the red carpet plan included which means that you get a free tune- up on your vacuum cleaner including changing bags, belts, filters and cleaning up to 2 times during the warranty time.
  1. Easy to find places to repair and service because Riccar supports small businesses who sell, repair, provide parts and accessories and warranty support under one roof.
  1. Some models have lifetime warranty on belts.
  1. Riccar offers a variety of vacuum cleaners that are bagged only. The reasons you want to use bagged vacuums are: better filtration, quality, better hygiene and allergies prevention.
  1. Moreover you’ll find quality vacuum cleaners starting at only $199.95 and up showing better value for the money and peace of mind.

I hope this blog helped you understand the reasons these vacuum cleaners stand out of the crowd.

You’re always welcome to visit our web store for the perfect Riccar vacuum for yourself or maybe your family or best friend. For any questions or opinions please post your comment below. 

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