Miele Vacuum Filters


A Vacuum cleaner is a modern and most efficient tool for cleaning and removing dust. It helps to save time and is a daily companion for many. Hectic schedules and heavy workload have made vacuum cleaners quite popular.

People forget the importance of the filter of a vacuum cleaner. However it is the most essential component as it is the only part which determines how effective your vacuum can clean. Most vacuum cleaners have two filters a pre-motor filter and post-motor filter. The pre-motor filter stops dust particles from reaching the motor component, whereas the post-motor filter captures dust particles that arrive from outside the vacuum cleaner.

Miele Vacuum Filters

Depending upon usage Red Vacuums – a Vienna based e-channel suggests changing both these filters after a period of six months to a year in order to ensure optimum performance and superior cleaning. Using old filters that are either clogged or damaged can lead to poor airflow and suction of your vacuum cleaner, if left unchecked they may also lead to overheating and other major damages.

Miele is a German based manufacturer of canister vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners and wide assortment of vacuum bags, filters and other essential vacuum parts. Miele filters are known for their long life and superior brand. They come under three variants :-

 Miele HEPA AirClean 30 (HA 30)

MIELE HEPA AIRCLEAN 30 – This filter can be used on both canisters and upright vacuums. It can capture over 99.95% of dust particles even those with the size of 0.1 micron! The other best thing about this product is it releases a line of liquid over an year, reminding its users when it’s time to replace their filters.

Miele Active Air Clean 30 (AAC 30)

MIELE ACTIVE AIR CLEAN 30 – This special Active AirClean variant comes with a stunning charcoal layer, which helps neutralize and absorb odors. It also contains Time Strip reminding users when it’s time for replacement. This filter can be installed on both canister upright vacuums.

Miele Active Air Clean Filter - For S140 through S160 sticks

MIELE ACTIVE AIR CLEAN FILTER – FOR S140 THROUGH S160 STICKS – This cool filter is must-have for pet owners because it has the combined energy of AirClean Technology and an active odor neutralizing charcoal cassette.

Miele AirClean Filter (SAC 30)

MIELE AIRCLEAN FILTER (SAC 30) – This filter is packed with multiple layers specially formulated with electrostatic charged material that helps retain even the finest particles of dust. Suitable for Miele range S300 – S858, S2 series, S4 series, S5 series, S6 series and S7 series.

Miele AirClean Filter for stick vacuum cleaners (SAC 10)

MIELE HEPA FILTER (HA10) – This is a unique filter that cares about asthma and allergy sufferers. It is compatible with stick vacuum cleaners and only needs replacement once a year.

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