Hassle Free Dyson Vacuum Repair Near You

Hassle Free Dyson Vacuum Repair Near You

Imagine your vacuum cleaner developing problems when you are cleaning your house. Now who would just go all the way till the shop? How much will it cost? How to manage until the vacuum is given for repair? Does it really require to be repaired or take someone’s advice? Don’t worry, we have solutions for all of your concerns above. You don’t need to come all the way till our shop for your vacuum cleaner repair. We understand your preferences and come to pick up your vacuum from home itself. You don’t even need to worry about the cost before giving it to us as we give free estimates on your vacuum repair.

We provide full service which includes taking it apart completely, changing bag, belts, filter, cleaning the motor compartment, assembling the roller brush and much more.

Ellicott being one of the best cities to live in the USA is just an hour away from our store in Vienna. Among many of the brands, we are a local authorized dealer for Dyson. From battery powered Dyson V6 series to Dyson Cinetic canister, we provide Dyson’s all products and accessories. Even after giving it to us, we provide you free loaners so that you don’t miss your vacuum when your house is in a mess. What do we mean by free loaners is that we give you a spare vacuum to use until you don’t get your vacuum repaired back.

If you still aren’t sure whether or not to continue with your old vacuum, then just trade-in your old vacuum for a new one and save up to 150$. Sometimes, you may just need a part of your vacuum which has got lost or damaged. Instead of contacting the Company and ordering, you can come directly to us. From Filters, air purifiers to Attachment kits. We carry all major vacuum cleaner brands and accessories, especially Dyson’s!

At last, it is recommended to service your vacuum cleaner at least once in a year. This will make sure that your vacuum stays efficient and durable for a long time. Call us today for a free estimate on your Dyson vacuum repair at 703-255-3500. We're open 7 days a week!

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  • Anonymous

    Hello Kristin,

    Thank you for your question. If there is a burning smell, it could be the motor or a broken belt, however because we did not see and test your vacuum, it would be hard to tell what the issue is and how much exactly it would cost. If you live near Vienna, VA, bring your vacuum to our retail store and we’ll diagnose it and provide an accurate free repair estimate.

  • Kristin moberly
    Kristin moberly

    Our Dyson ball pet & allergy is only a couple of weeks old, I vacuumed up some sort of screw/bolt and it is now producing a burning smell, we believe it is a motor issue. How much does something like this cost to repair?

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