Miele Homecare Vacuum Series – Five Unique Appliances To Match The Diverse Cleaning Needs Of Users

Miele Homecare Vacuum Series – Five Unique Appliances To Match The Diverse Cleaning Needs Of Users

In keeping with its commitment to offer the best cleaning solutions to the users, Miele has introduced a special set of vacuum cleaners which are being marketed under the name of Miele Homecare vacuum series. Backed by years of expertise in manufacturing some of the best vacuum cleaners, the Homecare range from Miele, is considered to resolve all the cleaning woes of home owners in an efficient and powerful manner. The distinct mango red finish and the stylish look further add value to these extremely powerful appliances. The series features four canister devices along with upright device. Designed unlike any other one Miele vacuum cleaners, these appliances come with additional features and a reasonable price tag to meet the diverse cleaning needs of individual users.

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Common Features

All the appliances that form a part of the Homecare series, share some common features, which are listed below.

  • They are all powered by a 1200W high-output Vortex motor which also drives the power nozzle in each device.
  • They come with an adjustable suction control operated with the help of a rotary dial. The suction control varies from 4 to 6 levels.
  • They feature the HEPA filtration system for removing and trapping even the minutest particles of dust and dirt.
  • They come with the extremely hygienic and self-sealing AirClean filter bags having a capacity of 4.76 quarts.
  • They provide a wide cleaning radius thanks to their extensively long retractable cord.
  •       Their double parking feature makes it possible to attach the hose and the wand to the cleaner for easy storage.


Discussed below are the distinct features of each of the five vacuums from the Homecare series.

Classic C1 Homecare

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This bagged canister vacuum offers the benefits of a high-end vacuum in a smart and simple package. The model comes with two different head nozzles, which include the electrified SEB 228 power nozzle and the non-electric SBD285-3. The two motor systems offer separate control for the power nozzle. The additional tools provided with this vacuum include a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle on VarioClip. It is suitable for cleaning both bare floors as well as carpets, including high-pile and plush ones.

Compact C1 Homecare


The Compact C1 homecare boasts of a powerful performance with a space saving design. The Compact C1 comes with a Turbo Control floorhead and features three caster wheels that can rotate through 360 degrees to ensure easy maneuverability of the appliance. In addition each attachment provided with the device comes with the swivel neck feature for better cleaning performance. The appliance is suitable for cleaning relatively smooth floors and low pile carpets and area rugs.

Compact C3 Homecare

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The Compact C3 Homecare is known to offer ultimate performance and convenience to the users. The appliance is provided with a straight suction combination floor nozzle and a choice of 3 motor driven power nozzles. In order to minimize any damage to the cleaning surface, it is fitted with a 3D non-marring rubber bumper besides which the provision of step down switches eliminate the need for the users to bend frequently to adjust any settings or controls.

Compact C3 Homecare Plus

 Compact C3 Homecare Plus

The Compact C3 Plus is an enhanced version of the Compact C3 and is designed to provide even better performance and convenience. The appliance comes fitted with a motor driven power nozzle featuring an LED headlight. It also features automatic suction control for thorough cleaning of different surfaces. The appliance has adjustable suction control on the handle itself to enhance user convenience. The appliance is suitable for cleaning a wide range of surfaces including bare floors and thick carpets along with removing pet hair.

Dynamic U1 Homecare

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This is the only upright vacuum in the Homecare series that delivers great performance and flexibility for through cleaning. The appliance features a motor driven power nozzle with an LED headlight. The adjustable controls are places conveniently on the comfort handle which enables to switch the rotating brush on and off in a convenient manner. The trademark Miele SwivelNeck technology ensures effortless maneuverability. It also features the flat-to-floor technology that enables the users to clean thoroughly even under low profile furniture. The device is suitable for through cleaning of diverse surface and effortlessly removing even the toughest particles of dust and grime embedded deep into the surface.

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