Hushtone Hard-Bagged - A Worth It Product From Hoover Vacuums

Hushtone Hard-Bagged - A Worth It Product From Hoover Vacuums

It has been more than a century since Hoover first came into the market as a home appliance manufacturer. Since then the brand is highly trusted for its durability and functionality by millions of American Nationals. The reason for this has been the constant evolution the brand has done. There have been a number of products in their Hoover vacuums line up that have been utilized in the office settings because of their great efficiency and power.


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The previous year saw the entry of a new commercial vacuum by the name of HushTone Hard-Bagged.The appearance of the vacuum cleaner is similar to that of the other cleaners out there, however, by closely examining the details the real power of the compact upright will be revealed.

Here are some of the exciting features of this vacuum cleaner that sets it apart from the rest. Have a look:


Salient Features

  1. Suction Power :The Hush Tone Hard-Bagged comprises of a 2-speed motor which will give a choice to the user to shuffle between the strong and the decent suction power. In order to clean a section completely,there is a boost mode. The vacuum cleaner will suck all the things that range from sand, soil, dirt to coins. One feature that makes the cleaner a great product is its ability to have a 4 level height adjustment. All kinds of floors that range from bare to the high pile carpets, the vacuum cleaner is able to clean all of them.
  1. Input Power :Hush Tone Hard-Bagged houses a 2-speed motor that will bring no major impact on the power bills. The input power required by the cleaner is 1200W. This is an efficient vacuum cleaner when compared with all the others that are present around.
  1. Dust Capacity :As most of the vacuum cleaners that are present in today’s time are bagless, but the Hush Tone Hard-Bagged consists of a clean and drop bag that is large enough to capture all kinds of dust and dirt. Along with this, the design of the bag is such, that it ensures that no form of dust escapes the bag when cleaning. Another great component is the performance indicator present in the vacuum cleaner that indicates when the appliance is clogged or the bag has reached its limits. It doesn’t matter how big the cleaning area is, you will be aware of the time when the bag is about to reach its limits. This proves to be quite beneficial for a commercial place where a lot cleaning needs to be done. The bag has a capacity of 1.22 gallons but it will suffice for most of the businesses.

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  1. Filtration System Efficiency :The sealed allergen system will make it sure that 99.9% of the pollen, dust and dirt are trapped making it down to 0.5 microns. The Hexa guard Technology make sure that the air is clean. The sealed HEPA filtration system will enable the appliance to take care of the users with any sort of allergies that have been trapped in the system. HEPA filters were introduced only some time back on the commercial vacuums as bags were made of HEPA media materials. The inlet filter and the HEPA filter can be rinsed and it is advised to change the carbon filter at least once a year.
  1. Weight and Dimensions :In terms of weight, neither the vacuum cleaner is too heavy nor it is too light. As the HushTone Hard-Bagged comes indifferent models the width of the nozzle also varies with it.
  1. Warranty :The vacuum cleaner comes with a commercial warranty of two years. This warranty is considered really important as most of the commercial appliances after few years of intense usage. Having a warranty will always prove to be handy.

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Standout Features:

  1. Accessible Brush Roll :This is one of the best features of this vacuum cleaner as cleaning a commercial place can prove to be quite cumbersome. This will make the entire process of cleaning an enjoyable one.
  1. Ergonomic Handle :The handle has been designed forgiving comfort and safety to a person who is using the vacuum cleaner. There will be a minimal stress on a person’s hand or wrist. This will also increase the overall cleaning time as a person using the vacuum cleaner will feel less exhausted.
  1. Ready for Usage :The vacuum cleaner can be instantly used the moment it comes out from the box. This is due to the manufacturer that has designed the vacuum cleaner in such a manner that makes it ready to use.
  1. Usability and Price :As the decibel sound level is very low,the person can enjoy a distraction free cleaning experience. By setting the low speed setting for the cleaner, you can further reduce the level of sound.

The Bottom Line

With the analysis of the features of the HushTone Hard bagged vacuum cleaner manufactured by Hoover, it is pertinent to mention that the product is worth the investment.

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