Miele Cat and Dog Upright Vacuum - The Best According to Real Simple

Miele Cat and Dog Upright Vacuum - The Best According to Real Simple

Picking a vacuum cleaner is an important decision. Picking up a Vacuum Cleaner with so many options, add ons and brands in the market, it become overwhelming for the customers to choose the best. After all, the Vacuum Cleaner you will choose, would be an important part of your life for a very long period of time.

Imagine it is a Sunday morning. You want to relax but there is fur all over thanks to husband dearest as he let Buzo and Purr roam free – in every nook and cranny of the house – all over your floor surfaces, sofas, underneath furniture – all over YOU & everywhere else. Disturbing Right? Now you will start looking for the perfect vacuum cleaner.

Miele Upright Vacuums are ideal for the battle against pet hair and odors. Describing it as having, “the power of an army with the agility of a Porsche,” Real Simple lists the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner The “Best Luxe” vacuum. Calling Miele Vacuum Cleaner “unrivaled for suction”, Real Simple appreciates the Vacuum’s ability to lie flat so that it can easily reach and move under furniture.

The 360 degree casters add further mobility and rubber wheels help in the smooth movements over carpet and hard floors. In addition to its “unrivaled” suction, it also includes the STB 101 Mini Turbobrush for quick and easy cleaning of pet hair from drapes, furniture, stairs and even clothing. The Active Air Clean Filter absorbs odors and keeps the small particle from re-circulating in your house.

So what makes it the best? Here is a list of reasons.

Suction Power

We have already mentioned “unrivaled for suction”, so there is not much to say after that. It automatically adjusts itself to the contours of your floor. You can also adjust its power by a rotary dial.

Dust Capacity

With 1.6 gallons capacity of dirt bags, this baby would not bother you again and again to empty it. With the series of filtration systems, Miele Upright Vacuums truly stand out.

Filtration System

The bags plays one of the most important role in the filtration of this Miele. Between you and airborne particles less than 0.3 microns, stand technologies such as Auto-Seal closure system, or the AirClean FilterBag. Yet another layer of filtration is provided by the Active Air Clean Filter, which is almost similar to a HEPA filter in performance.


The Turbo brush nozzle help pet owners in achieving deeper and faster cleaning. It does a wonderful job in relation to pet hair by making use of rotating bristles.

For this Miele, you can expect nothing short of a classy feel whenever you think of trying any of these accessories. Purchasing this trendy vacuum cleaner will treat you to various accessories such as a dust brush, crevice tool, built-in telescopic wand and a hose.

Special Features

  1. Reinforced ergonomic handle - for easier handling.
  1. LED lights - LED lights at the head of Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaners have been fitted to illuminate tight and hidden places, carpets as well as tiny particles. So Cool Right?
  1. Motor protection indicator - protects the motor, if the vacuum gets clogged.
  1. Automatic Height Adjustment - adjusts itself to different carpet depths ensuring a gentle cleaning process.
  1. Two motors - One to serve the suction power and other to take care of the brush bar.
  1. Swiveling Body - 360 degree swivel front wheels ensure that a little force laterally turns a corner without much effort.


The most important feature, an extraordinary SwivelNeck Technology, allows the users to steer the vacuum cleaner with just an effortless twist of your wrist (Yes, it is that easy). It is built in a way, that it can lie flat in relation to the floor surface, making it possible to reach remote areas such as tight corners and under furniture.

Maneuverability cannot be an issue thanks to its 360-degree swivel front wheels that offers an exceptional cleaning performance. The 39 ft. long power cord is incredibly useful.

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