How to choose the right Miele Vacuum for your needs?

How to choose the right Miele Vacuum for your needs?

Miele is a well renowned brand in the appliance industry. Miele has been making quality appliances for over 100 years. When it comes to the vacuum cleaners, Miele offers wide selection of vacuum cleaners which are designed to fit different household needs. Durability, HEPA filtration, low noise motors, and premium quality sets them apart from the competition.

Based on your preference & needs- there are Uprights, Canister, Stick vacuums and robotic vacuums are available. In this article we would go over main difference which would help you choose the right model for your needs.

The Uprights: As far as design, weight, motor, warranty and suction are concerned, all the models have same configurations. The models have been created with different features, color and convenience which set them apart from the other ones. Miele Twist is the basic model recommended for both carpet floors, all models with attachments on board (crevice tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush) along with a crushproof hose and a telescopic wand. If you have allergies or care about indoor air quality you can choose models like Miele Jazz or Miele Salsa. These two models come in standards with HEPA filters and LED lights as an upgrade to Miele Twist. The next one is Miele Cat and Dog, this model has Active Charcoal filter instead of HEPA filter and come with a turbo tool as well which is designed to pick up pet hair from upholstery and stairs. For people who want more convenient models such as Miele AUTO-ECO & Swing these are the options. These models offer digital buttons for suction control as well as option of automatic suction control & some extra tools. This feature is only available in these models which help you to save energy and is ideal for the people who need convenience of not changing the suction for they move from different surfaces such as curtains, upholstery to wall to wall carpets etc.

The Canister: - With more than 15 options to choose from, people often get confused about the model they want to get. Miele offers 3 different series namely, C1 CLASSIC, C2 COMPACT & C3 COMPLETE for different needs and preferences. There are the few easy points which would help you choose the right series for your needs.

C3 complete as name suggests are the premium miele canisters. Major features of it include tools stored inside the canister body, standard hepa filter, sealed system, variable suction via foot control, 36 ft operating radius, low noise vortex motor.  If these feature is what you want don’t look beyond this series is the best you can get. Models are Calima and Alize are meant for people with primary needs of bare floors and rugs. If you have wall to wall carpets as well then any other model other than these two in C3 COMPLETE Series will work for your needs. Models like Kona, CAT & DOG, Marin, Brilliant have different features automatic suction control, extra tools, suction control on handle which make the price vary. All miele vacuums come with 7 year motor and 7 year casing warranty. C3 COMPLETE BRILLENT has 10 year motor and casing warranty being top of the line. 

C2Compact as name suggest are smaller canisters. Most models in this series will suit people with mostly bare floors and area rugs. Main features of this series are compact body, quiet motor, sealed systems, suction control via rotary dial, one touch cord rewind.  These canister compared with C3 COMPLETE SERIES takes smaller bags, have tools stored outside the canister body, hepa filter is not standard on all models. C2 COMPACT TOPAZ is the only model in this series which can be used on low pile wall to wall carpets.

C1 Classic series is the economy series for people looking for Miele canisters. Models in this series offer same suction and warranty as other do but looses out on some of the features like sealed system, standard hepa filters , foot suction control, rubber bumper guard, low noise motor etc. C1 classic offers 4 to 5 models to choose from standard features include 29.5 feet operating radius, tools outside on canister body, rotary dial for suction control. Models are Olympus and Capri are meant for people with mostly bare floors and rugs and models like Delphi and titan can handle low to medium pile wall to wall carpet. If you are looking to get into a good vacuum without spending a lot then this series is perfect for you.

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