Maintenance Tips That Can Help Enhance The Life And Performance Of Home Air Purifiers


Investing in air purifiers has become a preferred choice for people seeking a cleaner and healthier home environment for their loved ones. However, just owning and using the appliance cannot assure an improved indoor air quality for long. The key to getting the best results over a long period of time is by following a regular cleaning and maintenance routine of the device. This will not only enable the users to get optimal performance from their home air purifiers but also provide them with the best returns on investment. Most importantly it will help to keep the energy costs within a reasonable range, which will make the appliances even more cost effective.

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Understanding The Working Of Air Purifiers : Air purifiers are designed to remove pollutants from the air, which if inhaled can prove harmful for the heath and well being of individuals. These pollutants may include dust particles, pollen, pet dander, chemicals and even odors. Most purifiers feature high quality filters and operate by pulling in the polluted air from the surroundings and making it pass through the filters. The pollutants present in the sucked in air are trapped by the filters and the clean air is pushed out with the help of an electric fan. In some purifiers, the filters are replaced by electrostatic plate which traps the pollutants within a magnetic field. In addition, some purifiers are provided with carbon filters that help to absorb chemical pollutants and odors.

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Maintaining Air Purifiers : There are a wide variety of air purifiers available in the market today and each purifier has different maintenance needs. The good news is that unlike their predecessors, modern day purifiers are not only easy to use but also have simple maintenance processes. However, it is important for the users to familiarize themselves with the specific air purifier they own to better understand it’s cleaning and maintenance needs. Whether the users choose to buy online AirFree purifier or purchase the purifier from their local retailer, they must make sure to understand its various specifications and operational requirements before they invest in the appliance.  The best way to do so is by thoroughly studying the user manual supplied with the appliance and in case of any doubt calling up the customer care service of the specific brand.
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Air Purifier Maintenance Tips : It is advisable for the users to create a proper maintenance schedule and mark the dates on the calendar so that they do not forget to carry out the necessary cleaning and maintenance tasks. The following tips will help them to ensure that the purifier continues to provide optimal performance year after year.

Maintain The Cleanliness Of The Surroundings : The cleaner the area around the air purifier, the better it is likely to perform. This is because the absence of dust and dirt in the surroundings means lesser work for the purifier which in turn ensures enhanced output. Even the routine dusting and cleaning around the purifier can go a long way in improving its performance and producing a healthier and fresher air.

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Keep The Outer Grills And Panels Dust Free : Any build up of dust and dirt on the outer grills and panels is necessary to ensure that the air cleaners give out completely clean and healthy air. The users should regularly clean the grills and panels with a neat dust cloth, or better still vacuum they clean. All these activities should be carried out after unplugging the appliance first. The users should also refer to the specific cleaning instructions offered by the manufacturers to avoid any damage to the device.

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Do A Regular Checking Of The Filters : The filters are the heart of any air purification device and hence checking them regularly is extremely important. The users should regularly verify that the filters are not clogged and do not need to be washed or even replaced. Clogged filters not only prevent proper purification of air but also cause the purifiers to use more energy and even overwork themselves. This can reduce the lifespan of the appliances and even cause irreparable damage to them.

Place The Air Purifier In An Open Surrounding : The proper placement of the air purifier also plays an important role in its maintenance. The appliance should be placed in a manner so that there is some open space around it. This will give enough space for the purifier to breathe in for proper suction of contaminated air and release of clean air, besides minimizing the chances of its vents getting clogged. In addition it is better to seal the room when the appliance is in operation so that additional contaminated air does not enter the room.

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