Learning Some Little Known Facts About Hardwood Floor For Their Better Care And Maintenance

Learning Some Little Known Facts About Hardwood Floor For Their Better Care And Maintenance

Hardwood floors are an extremely expensive investment and most people prefer them because they are not only quite elegant but also last a lifetime. However, hardwood floors need greater care and maintenance as compared to other flooring options, which is also necessary in order to avail all the benefits they offer. In addition there are other lesser known facts about these floors that people intending to install them should be aware of to get a better value for their money. These facts as discussed below can also play a critical role in ensuring proper hardwood floor care Vienna.

Appropriate Moisture Content: Most people are unaware of maintaining the balance between the moisture content of the hardwood floor and its subfloor. The moisture content of the two should be within a range of 2 to 4 percentage points of each other, while the moisture content of the subfloor should not be more than 12%. It is advisable to check the moisture level of the subfloor prior to installing the wooden panels. Moreover, monitoring the moisture content of the hardwood floor itself on a regular basis is also essential. In case either of these conditions are not met, the hardwood floors will not provide the expected performance in terms of durability or even aesthetic appeal. It can even make the wood to become peeled and loose its elegant look and appeal.

Acclimation Of Hardwood: In order to ensure a really long life of the hardwood floors, it is important to ensure their proper acclimation with the average temperature of the space where they are to be installed. In case the space is centrally heated or cooled, the flooring panels should be left in that environment for a minimum of 24 hours prior to installation for proper acclimation. In most cases, hardwood floor manufacturer offers detailed instructions to be followed during acclimation of the wood panels.

Proper Climate Control: Frequent changes in humidity and temperature are among the most common reasons that lead to customer dissatisfaction with their hardwood floors. Improper climate control can cause the hardwood floor to shrink when the weather becomes colder and expand when the weather is hotter. This phenomenon when repeated over a long period of time tends to cause irreversible damage to the hardwood thus destroying its beauty as well as reducing its lifespan.

Nail Down The Flooring In The Right Manner: Attaching the hardwood floor with the sub-flooring in a proper manner is extremely essential to prevent the wood panels from coming out loose within a short time. In addition to choosing the nails of proper length and gauge, it is equally important to ensure that they are placed with proper spacing. It is also important to access the accurate thickness of the subfloor so that the nails are able to hold down the wooden panels properly while maintaining strong grip in the subfloor. In case a pneumatic nailer is used, it PSI setting should be adjusted to the level suggested by the manufacturer of hardwood floors.

Variations In Nature Of Hardwood: Hardwood floors are made from different types of natural woods, which results in the variations in their character. These variations might be in terms of the level of staining that is accepted by the wooden panels or in terms of the warmth and richness they offer or even in terms of their appropriate moisture content. All these factors together combine to help identify the ideal hardwood floor care products that can enhance the life and durability of the floors.

Scratches And Dents Are Unavoidable: It is important for people intending to install hardwood floors to remember that scratches and dents cannot be completely avoided in any way. In fact, the best floor protectors only reduce the severity of dents and scratches that occur on such floors even when they are absolutely well cared for and regularly maintained. That is why most professionals advice people to install protective cushioning on all the sharp edges of the furniture and other heavy movable items. In addition, avoiding use of shoes and heeled sandals on the floor is also suggested for minimizing the damage caused by scratching and denting.

Effective Cleaning Products:  Most people tend to forget that their hardwood floors are extremely delicate and hence cannot be cleaned using regular products. It is extremely essential to seek the advice and guidance of expert professionals while choosing the best hardwood care products at least for the first few years after installation. In addition, the people who have installed these floors should closely adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions about floor care and cleaning so as to avoid the consequences of improper care and maintenance.

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