Hardwood Floor Care – Getting The Basic Facts Right

Hardwood Floor Care – Getting The Basic Facts Right

For most people, installing a hardwood floor is the best way to keep a space clean and safe with minimal maintenance. This flooring option not only offers a much higher sustenance level as compared to other options of flooring but also proves to be considerably hygienic as the amount of dust and grime absorbed into the floor is quite low. Despite the initial high costs of installing this flooring, many people feel satisfied with the investment as the benefits are far greater and this single drawback. With the right products and a proper cleaning routine, these floors can keep any space looking elegant and stylish for years together. However, in order to ensure the same people need to be aware of the following basic facts about their wooden floors.

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Hardwood Floor Is Not The Same As Laminate

The look and feel of laminated and hardwood floor is quite similar and often people, who do not possess in-depth knowledge about the two, cannot differentiate between them by just looking. That is why many times people commit the common mistake of choosing hardwood floor care products Virginia, designed for laminate ones. This can reduce the life and durability of even the strongest wooden floors by a significant margin. This is because the two types of floors differ not only in their construction, cost and lifespan but also in their cleaning and maintenance needs. So, the products that are considered ideal for laminate floors might not prove beneficial for hardwood floors.

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Change In Color Over Time Is A Natural Phenomenon

Many people start worrying as their hardwood floors start changing color after several years. They try to rectify this problem by using a wide range of products including floor polishes and even wax coating. However, they fail to understand the basic fact that all wood species change color over time and this natural phenomenon is caused by slow oxidation and exposure to light over a period of time. So it is not worthwhile to waste money and effort in trying to rectifying this problem but rather individuals should seek the advice of professional experts of how to turn the change in their favor, aesthetically.

Vinegar And Water Is Not The Ideal DIY Cleaning Solution

It is a common belief that the cheap and Eco-friendly solution of white vinegar and water, that proves effective for cleaning a wide range of household items, can be equally useful in removing dirt and grime from hardwood floors. However, the solution can have a deteriorating effect on the protective chemical finish of the wooden floor and expose the wood to damage. Using the chemical can also reduce the shine and strength of the wooden floor and even make it look dull and discolored. It is best to replace this solution with a Bona Pro series hardwood floor cleaner designed specifically for the different types of wooden floors.

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Seasonal Changes Do Not Affect Hardwood Floor Care

Not many people are aware of the fact that seasonal changes can also affect hardwood floor care. As the seasons change, the type of dirt and debris that enters into a space covered with wooden floors also changes. Therefore the care and maintenance needs for the hardwood floor naturally alter in accordance with the type of dirt and grime that needs to be removed. In the more moist seasons, like winter and monsoon, it is important to keep the floor moisture free. On the other hand, during the drier seasons, the focus should be on removing the finer particles of dirt and debris that can damage the floor by causing scratches and removing the protective layering.

Keeping the above basic facts in mind while cleaning hardwood floors will help in enhancing their life and elegance besides ensuring a good value for investment.

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